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Subsea Imaging A small and relatively new, Hal- ifax-based optics company is optimistic its submersible mi-croscope will soon be getting a closer look as an instrument suited to a variety of applications.Resolution Optics, incorporated in 2009, has developed the submersible microscope that can be used down to a depth of 6,000m.?The company came out of the phys- ics department at Dalhousie University (Halifax) and its two founders, Dr. Man- fred Jericho and Dr. Juergen Kreuzer are both world renowned experts in the  eld of holographic microscopy,? said Dr. Stephen Jones, CEO.Dr. Kreuzer developed the algorithm that allows for fast and accurate recon- struction of holographic images captured by digital inline holographic microscopy instruments.Dr. Jericho co-owns the patent for the holographic reconstruction algorithm.Backed by 20 years of experience in research and technology, the two scien- tists developed their microscopes which initially were sold as desk top models to academic researchers.But there was the realization there was a greater market. ?Because the technology and the hard-ware are so simple and there is such a wide variety of applications, we made the conversion from a desk top micro- scope to a submersible microscope and once we did that, the potential uses on a large scale are numerous,? said Jones. The company spokesman said the hardware in the submersible microscope ?I can see clearly now ...? ?I can see clearly now ...?Via Resolution Optics By Tom Peters From 6000m March 2014 66 MTRMTR #2 (66-81).indd 66MTR #2 (66-81).indd 662/22/2014 1:46:39 PM2/22/2014 1:46:39 PM

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