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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of May 2014 Marine Technology Magazine OSD Develops Windfarm Vessel Design Range OSD-IMT, the U.K. division of Offshore Ship Design- ers (OSD), developed a range of new designs of offshore windfarm service operation vessels (SOVs). The 1,350 dwt IMT972 SOV is powered by two Steerprop SP25 or equal 1900 kWe Þ xed pitch azimuth propulsion units. There is also an option for Þ tting two 2.5 MW Voith Turbo main thrusters. Frequency-controlled electric motor-driven CPP thruster units are Þ tted forward, comprising two tunnel-type bow thrusters and one retractable bow thruster for station- keeping and high-dynamic performance under maneuver- ing or DP conditions. The IMT972 has a length overall of 72.2m and conforms to the Clean Design classiÞ cation re- quirements of DNV for wind-farm service operation ves- sels. It can provide accommodation for up to 60 persons, including 22 crew, and is able to operate for 30 to 45 days on station, and longer if replenished at sea.The main features include a heave-compensated turbine platform, and an aluminum access gangway arranged with a telescopic frame which facilitates the transfer of equipment to the platform. A back-up evacuation process is arranged by using the workboat to transfer technicians from the tur- bine access ladder in an emergency. The vessel has a small pallet lift and conveyor lift system for the loading and trans- fer of stores and spares, with access to/from a heated under- deck workshop and stores area. A mono-hull workboat is Þ tted with a heave-compensated single point lift davit for general wind turbine work duties as well as for emergency evacuation of technicians. The IMT972 has an electro-hydraulic 1-metric-ton SWL motion-compensated folding jib crane Þ tted on a pedestal on the main deck aft of the access gangway tower. It access- es the wind tower platform when the gangway is stowed and can also work over the stern, deck area or shipÕs side. Courtesy of OSD-IMT MTR #4 (1-17).indd 15MTR #4 (1-17).indd 155/13/2014 10:06:40 AM5/13/2014 10:06:40 AM

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