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and experience should be expected and how it should be dem- onstrated in our sector by using the MTCS, IMCA aligned, competence material. With competence certiÞ cation, it will ensure Team Trident can connect great technical personnel with great employment opportunities on land and offshore. Fi- nally, because many of the personnel Team Trident selects are prior military, they are very used to proving they are compe- tent at their trade prior to advancement to the next level so they accept the MTCS competence scheme readily.Ó Providing a full IMCA-aligned Competence Scheme Man- agement service, MTCS Ltd. ensure personnel are demonstrat-ing competence in the offshore workplace. In addition, MTCS Ltd. provide a spectrum of operational, technical and supervi- sory training, with the majority of their courses focussing on subsea technology, remotely operated vehicles, as used in the oil and gas industry and in Renewables ÒThe oil and gas industry is a global, highly competitive, and knowledge-intensive business with a high demand for eL- earning and the use of competence management in eLearning continues to be popular,Ó said Richard Warburton, Managing Director for MTCS Ltd. ÒThe global nature of the oil and gas industry also creates demand for network-based tools, such as eLearning, that can deal with highly distributed workforces. No matter where in the U.S, or indeed the rest of the world they are, candidates can use distance learning methods (eL- earning) most appropriate to their needs, whether it is through the internet or the ofÞ ce intranet.Ó Rod Long, Team Trident, Houston Richard Warburton, MD, MTCS Ltd. Marine Technology Reporter 45MTR #4 (34-49).indd 45MTR #4 (34-49).indd 455/12/2014 2:16:42 PM5/12/2014 2:16:42 PM

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