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WFS seatooth S100 WFS delivered wireless communication systems to Baker Hughes. WFS supplied a seatooth S100 system for wireless datalogging during pipeline pre-commissioning on a project in the South China Sea at water depth of 1000m. The trans- mitter comprised a seatooth S100 connected to a hydrotest skid and the receiver comprised a seatooth S100 mounted on the ROV. Both units were bi-directional and no conÞ guration was re- quired; the system was ready to plug in and de- liver serial communications wirelessly between the test skid and the ROV. Hydratest data was downloaded at high speed despite the high levels of salinity and turbidity. This enabled data to be collected quickly and safely, freeing up the ROV to undertake other tasks. Modem Field Evaluation Program At OI ?14 Sonardyne International announced it is inviting qualifying academic establishments and research institu- tions to apply to participate in a Field Evaluation Program for its new family of acoustic modems, uComm. Applicants with an upcoming, short-term ocean science project that would bene Þ t from an underwater modem, are invited to submit details to Sonardyne. If selected, the UK-based company will provide a pair of uComm modems on loan for the project?s duration. On display at OI, uComm is a simple to use underwater modem that when deployed, intelli- gently senses its environment and adapts its con Þ guration to ensure data is transferred in each direction as fast, as reliably and as energy efÞ ciently as possible. uComm can be used in pairs with a single subsea unit communicating with a topside unit, or multiple subsea units reporting to a single topside unit. Subsea and topside units are identical and can be conÞ gured in either role. uComm?s extensive feature list, together with attractive pricing, is expected to generate considerable interest. MTR #4 (34-49).indd 47MTR #4 (34-49).indd 475/13/2014 12:00:50 PM5/13/2014 12:00:50 PM

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