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MacArtney Ice Core Drilling Winch for BAS The MacArtney Group announced the supply of an ice core drilling winch so- lution to British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The winch will be used to deploy the new BAS Rapid Access Isotope Drill (RAID) which is able to complete a complete 600 m drilling cycle in one week, before being redeployed at the next drilling location. The drill will collect ice chippings, which can be used for isotope analysis and climate proÞ ling, and leave an access hole to allow deploy- ment of a temperature sensing cable. Both types of investigation and analysis will be used to identify good sites to Þ nd old ice. So far, shallow BAS drills have reached ice aging between 150,000 and 350,000 years of age, while the oldest ice that has currently been investigated is 800,000 years old. BAS hopes that with the new drill, the organization will Þ nd sites with ice as old as 1.5 million years. Operation of the drill system will take place in difÞ cult and demanding East Antarctica sites that are likely to be both cold (-25ûC to -35ûC) and high (>3000 m above sea level). First, due to the remote location of the drill sites, the MacArtney BAS ice core drilling winch needs to be transportable by a standard Twin Otter turboprop aircraft which also needs to carry the RAID drill system, a generator, fuel, tents, supplies and the four person scientist crew. With this in mind, the entire winch system, including a demountable cable sheave pole and the integrated sledge, is made from aluminum and designed to be light and compact. EIVA Opens New Webshop EIVA announces a new webshop, in which it is possible to purchase a wide range of products directly online with credit card or per invoice. Both EIVAÕs own solutions and that of the compa- nies which it represents, can be found in the webshop.ÒNaturally, many of our products are rather complex and require dialogue with the customer prior to purchase. However, we also offer many stan- dard products where the possibility of placing an order instantly is the main priority. This applies to standard prod- ucts such as spare parts and cables,Ó said EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen. Many of EIVAÕs customers are free- lancers to whom purchases via credit cards are much preferred to invoices. This is especially relevant in connec- tion with software training courses of- fered by EIVA. Seats for these can also be purchased via, ensuring a fast and simple purchase process. The webshop is supplemented by a product listing of all products in the EIVA portfolio, that is, a list including those that are not for sale Image: EIVA Marine Technology Reporter 51MTR #4 (50-64).indd 51MTR #4 (50-64).indd 515/12/2014 2:38:22 PM5/12/2014 2:38:22 PM

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