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SHOSHIN Corporation will leverage its sales and marketing experience, and distribution capabilities within Japan to establish Ocean Sonics as the preferred provider of Digital Hydrophones. Sea and Land Technologies (SALT), headquar- tered in Singapore, will supply, distribute and support the technology of the icListen products in the ASEAN countries. The company already handles product ranges from many leading marine equipment companies making them ideal partners for Ocean Sonics and its range of acous-tics products for the marine industry. UTEC Announces Equipment Investment UTEC Geomarine, part of the UTEC Group, announced the purchase of a comprehensively instrumented DB-240 metocean buoy as part of a con-struction support soliton monitoring project in the region. The equipment has been manufactured by Planet Ocean and is an upgraded version of the ba- sic buoy model which comes with 12 x 20W solar panels and two rechargeable batteries. In addition, the company has also purchased a 150kHz QuarterMaster ADCP manufactured by Teledyne RDI. It is rated to 1,500m water depth and can measure current proÞ les spanning 300m of the water column. Teledyne RDI ADCPs to Support China Project Teledyne RD Instruments (RDI) has been selected by the Chinese Academy of ScienceÕs Institute of Oceanology in Qingdao to provide their Acoustic Dop- pler Current ProÞ lers (ADCPs) in sup- port of the Western PaciÞ c Ocean System project. WPOS is a Þ ve-year research project that commences in April 2014. The project includes the deployment of Þ ve research vessels, a remotely oper- ated submersible and an array of sub-surface moorings off the eastern coasts of the Philippines and Indonesia. These resources will be utilized to examine the deep ocean and its connection to climate change and coastal environments. Six arrays, comprised of a total of 29 moorings, will be central to this program. Each mooring will be outÞ tted with Teledyne RDIÕs 75 kHz Long Ranger ADCPs, as well as a series of additional Workhorse ADCPs ranging from 150 to 600 kHz. The ADCPs will be utilized to monitor ocean currents at depths of be-tween 400 and 6,000 m, including the powerful Kuroshio current, which runs northeast through the East China Sea. Teledyne RDIÕs 38 kHz Ocean Surveyor (OS) ADCP will also be used to collect detailed, deep-water current proÞ ling data while their research vessel is under- way. Teledyne RDI worked closely with its local representative, Laurel Technolo- gies, as well as scientists and members of the WPOS program to provide a com- prehensive solution to meet the projectÕs speciÞ c long-term needs. Svenska kraftnät Awards MMT Cable Survey Work MMT has been awarded the contract for the Sj?lland cable survey between Den- mark and Sweden by Svenska kraftn?t. Svenska kraftn?t and its Danish coun- terpart are the transmis- sion system owners and operators of a 400 kV High Voltage AC cable system across the ?resund, between Sweden and Denmark. The cable system will be exchanged due to its technical lifetime. MMT has recently been awarded the contract for a cable route survey, with the purpose of investigating and verify- ing the feasibility of the new submarine cable route. This marine cable route survey covers geophysical information such as bathymetry, surface geology and sub-bottom conditions. MMT will also perform a geotechnical investiga- tion, cable tracking and identiÞ cation of cable crossings. The offshore operations will be performed from MMT«s survey and ROV vessel Icebeam and the coastal surveys from the survey vessel Seabeam. The operations will start in spring 2014.MacArtney Steps up Its Presence in Offshore Asia MacArtney Group said it has a grow- ing presence in all Asian markets for underwater technology. Over the next few months, MacArtney Singapore is fo- cused on growing its staff, implementing a major expansion of stock and work- shop facilities and opening a dedicated slip ring repair and service center. The MacArtney Singapore operations will be streamlined to provide direct lo- cal access to global MacArtney support for all Asian and Asia PaciÞ c markets. With Steen Frejo at the helm as Manag- ing Director, the MacArtney Singapore area of operation has expanded to en- compass the entire Asian and Asia Pacif- ic region including major markets such China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and support for MacArtneyÕs Australia based ofÞ ce. In addition, MacArtney Singapore will actively manage the coordination of the entire Asian representative network. Empowered by local market expertise and access to clients, these MacArtney representatives comprise an invaluable asset to the regional success of MacArt- ney products and systems. To local offshore oil and gas, marine renewable energy, oceanographic and defence industries, the expansion of Ma- cArtney Singapore will mean shorter lead times and better local service for under- water technology systems and products. ÒThe expansion of MacArtney Singapore will deÞ nitely bring us much closer to our Asian customers than what has been pos-sible so far,Ó Frejo said. ÒWhat started as a one-man regional sales outpost, has now become a fully ß edged MacArtney loca- tion with local access to global support.Ó People & Company News May 201454 MTRMTR #4 (50-64).indd 54MTR #4 (50-64).indd 545/12/2014 10:22:41 AM5/12/2014 10:22:41 AM

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