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AUV Operations

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May 2014ContentsVolume 57  Number 4 16Salvage Projects 16 Saving Coral Reefs Global Diving & Salvage and Curtin Maritime performed a delicate operation to help save a coral reef on Palmyra Atoll. Photo: Global Diving & Salvage 6 Editorial 40 R/V Neil Armstrong 4646 Products: Remote Sensing 52 People & Companies 61 Classifeds 64 Ad Index Offshore 8 Floating Production While technology has driven offshore O&G production ever deeper, the market for ß oating production systems faces stiff headwinds. By Jim McCaul813Windfarm Vessels 13 Ef Þ cient by Design A new generation of windfarm vessels promises to make windfarm installation and maintenance more efÞ cient.Photo; Damen28Concept28 Wave Power Harnessing wave power as an efÞ cient renewable energy source has been long studied. Could this concept work? By Samir Shiban40 Photo: BlueÞ n Robotics - A Battelle Company (Courtesy of Karla DeCamp, Dakota Creek Industries) May 20144 MTR24AUV Market 24 A Pivotal Year With vast scope for their application, autonomous underwater vehicles are Þ nally gaining pace in the commercial sector. By Eduardo Ribeiro MTR #4 (1-17).indd 4MTR #4 (1-17).indd 45/13/2014 11:10:14 AM5/13/2014 11:10:14 AM

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