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UDT Show Preview ?UDT is a key event for us in this year?s exhibition calendar, drawing together global customers and suppliers involved in undersea defence technologies,? said Iain Kennedy, Strategy Director at QinetiQ. ?The opportunity to network and arrange multiple meetings in one place is extremely valuable to us.? His thoughts were echoed by Richard Morgan, Managing Director at DSG Technology: ?UDT is an excellent event, fo- cused and well organized ? UDT is always the  rst event in our diary and we look forward to another successful ex- hibition and conference this year.?. Similarly Jan Gogstad Thorsen, Marketing Manager Submarine Systems at Kongs- berg Defense & Aerospace AS had nothing but praise for the show:?We have always considered the event to be the right place for promotion of all our underwater products. The com- bination of the Conference and the Exhibition has shown to be a good way of attracting the right people from the worldwide underwater community.? The strength of these testimonials is part of the reason why Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) will celebrate its 26th anniversary from June 10-12, 2014, at the ACC Liverpool. The underwater defence and security event has traditionally brought together senior military of cials, preeminent academ- ics and key industry decision makers to focus upon innovative developments in the undersea sector. 2014 is set to build upon this unique pedigree as the event welcomes a signi cant num- ber of  rst-time exhibitors and takes part in the International Festival for Business. This year?s cohort of new exhibitors includes, but is not limited to; Analox, ASCA, Copper Alloys Ltd, Drumgrange, Fugro, Holland Hydraulics, QinetiQ, Seatechrim and Sensor Technology Ltd. They will join long-term supporters of the show such as; Atlas Electronik, Babcock International Group, BAE Systems, Bartington Instruments, Cassidian Optronics, DCNS, EdgeTech, INDAL Technologies, Kongsberg Defence Systems, Lockheed Martin, Saab Dynamics and many more. Consequently the exhibition  oor will feature a comprehen- sive display of thought-leading concepts and technologies. An example of the innovation on display will be present at the Cassidian Optronics stand. This year the company will showcase a number of products from its marine product portfolio, including some of its latest periscope and optronic mast systems (OMS). The company will exhibit examples from its two periscope families ? the SERO 250 and the SERO 400; its latest innovation, the OMS 200, will also be on display. The product uses newly devel- oped passive sensors to improve surveillance capabilities. The optronic mast also features optimised stealth characteristics on account of its integrated and compact design. Consequent- ly the OMS 200 provides a single system with which to carry out the attack and reconnaissance tasks previously assigned to separate systems. Meanwhile EdgeTech will showcase recent advances within its smaller-sized AUV system portfolio. Alongside a number of other products, the company will  eld the 2205 AUV-based sonar system. The 2205?s classi cation frequency of 1,600 kHz is capable of producing images of photographic quality, making MLO target classi cation trouble-free. It also requires a relatively low operational power input; drastically reducing the mass of electronics compared to legacy systems, whilst compressing the size of transducers. The result is a system that costs less to operate in the long-run, requires less maintenance relative to other products and offers rapid sensor integration. RTsys will showcase its AS3I Analog Surface Ship Sonar Improvement, which improves current sonar performances and usability without the need to replace the Hull Mounted and/or Variable Depth Sonar, whilst Teledyne RD Instruments will launch two new Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) product lines ? Path nder and Pioneer. ?In conjunction with the exhibition, UDT?s engaging confer- ence program will provide the annual symposium for the un- dersea defence community,? said Event Director Anna Cam- pagnoli. ?This year?s overall conference theme of Autonomy has been speci cally chosen to explore the advances in auton- omous and semi-autonomous operations of both manned sub-marines and unmanned platforms; re ecting the most recent technological developments to affect underwater operations and improve cost-effectiveness?. ?The event will attract high-caliber stakeholders associated with the undersea community. Philip Dunne MP, Minister for Defense Equipment, Support and Technology, will be giving this year?s keynote address and his presence symbolises the fact that the U.K. Government has delivered an unprecedented level of support for UDT 2014. Consequently I have no doubt that this year will be the most successful edition of the event to date?. UDT 2014 takes place from June 10-12, 2014, at the ACC Liverpool. UDT 2014 Set for Liverpool June 10-12, 2014-05-02 May 201458 MTRMTR #4 (50-64).indd 58MTR #4 (50-64).indd 585/12/2014 10:24:38 AM5/12/2014 10:24:38 AM

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