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MTRMTR 100 100The CompanyWachs Subsea is a manufacturer of diver and ROV operated machine tools used in maintenance, repair and decommissioning projects. Prod-ucts including Diamond Wire Saws (DWS), Deepwater Diamond Wire Saws (DWDS), split frame rotating ring cutters and platforms, the Guil-lotine (Wachs) pipe saw, and the Trav- L-Cutter. Other products include sub- sea speciÞ c drills, offshore hydraulic power units, the EICC casing cutter, deck plate and rail mills, shipping bas-kets and more. Wachs Subsea is unit of ITW Oil & Gas, a division of ITW. The Tech Wachs Subsea CPT-3, or Combina- tion Prep Tool Generation 3, is a hy- draulically powered subsea machining system equipped with three modules that perform Þ ve functions: cutting, beveling, counter boring, weld seam removal and FBE (fusion bonded ep- oxy) removal. ItÕs part of a cut, lift, remove and replace system designed to machine subsea pipelines from 12 to 24 in. OD (DN300-600) at depths up to 3,000m (9843 sfw). Available soon is the CPT- 4, utilizing the same technologies as the CPT- 3 but scaled up in size and capabilities to accommodate pipelines in the 26 to 44 in. OD (DN650-1050) range.The CompanyXsens, acquired by Fairchild Semi- conductor in 2014, is a supplier of 3D motion tracking technology and products. The company develops and supplies Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and Attitude and Heading Ref- erence Systems (AHRSs) to a large customer base in the maritime indus-try. The products in various accuracy and integration levels Þ nds its way into e.g. surveying applications, ROV/AUV control and navigation, ship state esti- mation and USBL systems. Xsens em-ploys 30 highly-educated researchers and developers (50% PhD), with a to- tal of 60+ employees. Xsens is partici- pating in European research projects as well as carrying out independent re-search. The recent acquisition by Fair- child allows the Xsens-technology to be integrated in even smaller and more cost-effective sensor modules. The Tech XsensÕ products portfolio consists of two separate product ranges, the MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series. The MTi 10-series is available as MTi- 10 IMU, MTi-20 VRU and MTi-30 AHRS, featuring various integration levels. The IMU outputs sensors data (acceleration, rate of turn and mag-netic Þ eld), the VRU outputs roll and pitch as well and the AHRS outputs stabilized yaw. The MTi 10-series is a cost-effective solution for stabilization applications. The high-performance MTi 100-series is an excellent alter- native to higher grade (optical) IMUs. With an IMU, VRU, AHRS in the product range, the MTi 100-series can be interchanged with the MTi 10-se- ries without any software or hardware modiÞ cation. Next to the IMU, VRU and AHRS, there is an extra product in the MTi 100-series: the MTi-G-700 additionally outputs position and ve- locity information using a GPS receiv- er. GPS data is also used to improve the orientation output. The products of Xsens sample the inertial sensors at a rate of 10 kHz. This high sample rate and the carefully designed strap down integration (SDI) algorithm allow high accuracy motion tracking, even under vibration. Synchronization features include polling, SyncIn, SyncOut and clock synchronization. The high ac- curacy is independent from the output rate, a low output rate relieving the host CPU. Free-to-use source code and drivers are available for many platforms and programs. WACHS SUBSEA LLC WACHS SUBSEA LLC XSENS XSENS 11050 West Little York Building N, 11050 West Little York Building N, Houston, TX 77041 Houston, TX 77041 T: +1 847 484 2619 T: +1 847 484 2619 E: E: CEO/President: Nathan Drucker CEO/President: Nathan Drucker Sales Manager: Keith Polifka Sales Manager: Keith Polifka Number Of Employees: 140 Number Of Employees: 140 The Case: The Case: Wachs Subsea CPT (Combination Prep Tool) represents the latest thinking in subsea pipeline repair and emergency preparedness systems. ItÕs a sin- gle multifunctional machine thatÕs innovative in its combination of proven tech- nologies to perform Þ ve machining functions. Its compact size and light weight allow it to be air lifted within hours to any contamination site, and eliminates the need for a large surface support ship or heavy workclass ROV to deploy it. Pantheon 6, Enschede Pantheon 6, EnschedeOV, Netherlands 7416 BB OV, Netherlands 7416 BB T: +31 88 97367 00 T: +31 88 97367 00 E: E: W: W: CEO/President: Casper Peeters CEO/President: Casper Peeters Number of Employees: 60 Number of Employees: 60 Marine Technology Reporter 65MTR #6 (50-65).indd 65MTR #6 (50-65).indd 657/31/2014 9:34:18 AM7/31/2014 9:34:18 AM

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