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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Stevenson Almeida Cavazzi Lange

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Germany. Schottel described its hydro- designs and sizes. Effective use of tidal

Tritech for Student AUV kinetic turbines as lightweight, yet ro- energy in water depth up to 90 meters and Tritech’s Micron sonar was selected for an bust in-stream generators, with a rotor a generating power of up to 10 MW in a academic AUV. The acoustic design team diameter between three and ? ve meters. single installation are feasible. at McGill Robotics, McGill University,

Depending on the current velocity, one Montreal, Canada, chose to incorporate a turbine produces between 54 and 70 kW mechanical scanning sonar into their new

New Micro Field Buoy from OSIL rated, grid-ready electric power. Higher Ocean Scienti? c International Ltd. build AUV. The team now plans to inte- power demands are met by combining (OSIL) introduced a new, ultra compact grate the Micron sonar into its software several turbines in one installation. Each buoy platform into its existing range of system in order to assist close range posi- of the turbines is connected to a fre- fully integrated systems. The Micro Field tioning and detect objects in low visibility quency converter feeding into a common Buoy is just 0.3m in diameter, and weighs environments. The team has also updated

DC bus installed on the tidal platform. only 15kg (without instrumentation), its AUV with new thrusters and are carry-

The turbines can be implemented in riv- meaning it is easy for one person to han- ing out modi? cations to the frame and the ers, sea straits and tidal races offshore in dle in the ? eld, is suitable for airborne, pressure vessels. The Tritech Micron so- jetty, semi-submerged or submerged plat- vessel based or land based deployment, nar is part of Tritech’s SeaKing range of forms in varying numbers. Together with and yet can still transmit data to users in mechanical imaging sonars; The Tritech the subsidiary TidalStream Ltd., Schottel real-time, providing a rapid response to Micron sonar, with a 75m range capacity,

Hydro offers the semi-submerged ? oat- environmental changes. The buoy plat- is designed to deliver exceptional clarity ing platform Triton. Triton platforms can form can accommodate a variety of in- and resolution in miniature form, making be adapted to host turbines of different struments or environmental sensors. it ideal for use by AUVs.

Photo: McGill

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