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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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grasped our needs and developed a solution that was suited for this project.” CGG currently has two ships outf tted with Virtual AIS

Beacons and has made the deci- sion to outf t all 13 vessels in its f eet. T e f rst installation was completed in December, 2013 on the CGG Symphony. In step with

Vesper, CGG developed its own sof ware interfaces between the existing navigation and position- ing systems and the beacon. T e fully automated system shares an existing VHF antenna on the ship with the radio via a Vesper Ma- rine AIS/VHF splitter.

“T e second system was installed on the CGG Oceanic Challeng- er in May 2014 before a job in a location where the vessel traf c reached 120 vessel crossings per day,” said Champenois. “As the broadcasted marks appearing on the displays presented an unusual situation for vessels in the area, their bridge of cers contacted the

Challenger’s master in order have a clearer view of the situation and to avoid any collision. T is was exactly the intended result.”

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