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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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New DSV for N-sea -Sea has launched its third as well as in Holland and Germany. support vessels have limited access for diving support vessel, the Similar to its sister vessel, the Ab- maintenance and surveys. Edradour will

Edradour, representing a erlour, the Edradour features added be used as a specialist diving and inter-

N$2.2 million investment for capability and redundancy, making it vention craft for the inspection of sub- the company to be immediately utilized suited for restricted area access around sea structure, light construction works, in its inspection, maintenance and re- offshore vessels, platforms and mobile debris removal, special periodic surveys pair (IMR) operations in the North Sea, offshore drilling units where diving (SPS) and inshore harbor survey work.

(Photo: N-Sea)

Edradour with sister vessel The Aberlour. Inset: Roddy James, COO

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