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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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March 2015


Volume 58 • Number 2 40

Photo: NOAA

Photo Credit: NOAA

On the Cover 40 Dr. Holly Bamford 32

NOAA’s acting Assistant

Secretary for Conservation and

Management discusses NOAA’s priorities and progress with MTR.

By Greg Trauthwein 32 Mapping the


Novel photographic methods for deep-diving AUVs hails major advancements in deep-sea research.

By Kira Coley 50 Adventures 50 Under Ice

Louis Whitcomb makes it possible for underwater robotic vehicles to explore the most extreme environments on earth.

By Andrew Myers 6 Editorial 8 People & Companies 14 Tech File 16 Vessels 72 72 Products 79 Classifeds 80 Ad Index

Photo: JHU

March 2015


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