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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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March 2015


Volume 58 • Number 2 66

Greenland’s New Boat Perspective Sea? oor Mapping 16 R/V Sanna 22 Gliders 26 Charting a Course

Greenland had a new Gliders make offshore O&G Industry & Academia research vessel built in cheaper, more ef? cient. team for common purpose.

Denmark. By Sean Halpin, DOF Subsea By Tom Peters 16 22 26

Region Report: Newfoundland & Labrador 58 The World’s Cold Ocean Lab When it comes to knowledge of all things Arctic, Newfoundland & Labrador leads the way north. 63 Sensing Success

Pushing forward on remote sensing technology.

66 Virtual Worlds Newfoundland & Labrador is simulation central.

68 Company Pro? les

Photo: GRI Simulation

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