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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Daewoo Heavy Industries and measures

Software Aids Subsea SWE’s New Portable 382 x 124m. Pieter Schelte was named a

Power Cable Installation Power System “Great Ship of 2014” by Maritime Re- porter & Engineering News, sister pub- lication to MTR. The vessel is designed to be able to lift loads of 48,000 metric tons and has suf? cient deck space to de- liver or remove a complete topside mod- ule and jacket in one trip. The Ranger 2

USBL system will be used as a high pre- cision independent acoustic reference (Image: Makai Ocean Engineering (Image: SWE for the vessel’s Kongsberg dynamic po- sitioning (DP) system during structure

Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. recently installation or pipelay operations when modi? ed the popular telecom cable lay Southwest Electronic Energy (SWE) maintaining a steady position is a criti- software, MakaiLay, to address speci? c launched POW-R Tote, designed to cal requirement. issues experienced by the subsea power be a rugged, lightweight, 12V/117Ah cable industry. The result of this effort portable power system which provides was MakaiLay Power, a real-time soft- compact-convenient energy for wher-

OSIL & ASV: Mooring-free ware tool for controlling power cable ever standard power sources are un- deployment at-sea. This software was available. About the size of a lunchbox,

Buoy Launched recently purchased and used by the and weighing 23 pounds, POW-R Tote

OUOCI Consortium to install a sub- uses Lithium-Ion battery technology to sea power cable in Venezuela for the deliver two times longer run time and

Chacopata-Margarita Submarine Cable two times more power at half the weight

Interconnection Project. The OUOCI when compared to a typical 12V lead

Consortium, which stands for Oceanus acid battery commonly used in similar

Co., Ltd. (OU) and Ocean C&I (OCI), applications. POW-R Tote is housed in used the cable ship CS Creator (IMO a heavy-duty, watertight storm case to

No.9630846) for the lay. The cable in- handle harsh environments. Two power (Image: OSIL stallation involved two separate 230kV connectors come standard: An automo-

XLPE (polyethylene-insulated) power Ocean Scienti? c International Ltd. bile 12v auxiliary outlet which powers cable lines from and was completed by (OSIL) teamed with ASV Ltd. to offer and recharges low power devices and an

OUOCI Consortium successfully in No- Anderson SB50 Powerclaw connector a low-cost, mobile alternative to a per- vember 2014. for higher powered gear. manent moored buoy system for moni- toring. The system uses one of the ASV

C-Stat station keeping buoys which can be deployed for up to four days at

Sonardyne Ranger 2 Waveblade Tested at The a time, running either on hybrid diesel, for Pieter Schelte Underwater Center

Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 Ultra-Short or full electric power, and can be pro-

Baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning grammed to remain in position with a A new technology for the oil and gas in- set watch circle, shadow a vessel, or dustry has undergone a commercial trial system was selected by Allseas Group follow a set patrol route, allowing data at the subsea training and trials facil- for the world’s largest pipelay and plat- to be gathered over a much wider area ity, The Underwater Center. Commer- form installation/decommissioning ves- cial divers and ROV pilot technicians than could normally be achieved with a sel, Pieter Schelte, which was built by ? xed point buoy. OSIL’s knowledge of recently trialed the Waveblade while instrumented and telemetered data buoy systems allows the buoy to be equipped with different instrument options, which include a turbidity probe, an ADCP, or a multiparameter sonde, which could be con? gured for various sensors, includ- ing hydrocarbons, DO, pH and turbidity. (Image: The Underwater Center

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