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Grasshopper Rides Falcon for 3D View of Dam

A retractable sonar system has been accurate visual 2D and 3D sonar data itor diver activity, while at the same time specially designed by underwater engi- of inlets and outlets, grids, tunnels and observing crane movement of a dredging neering services company Subsea Fenix ramps, while also identifying the pres- pump. In addition to the top-mounted to set atop a Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV. ence of debris and sediment. BlueView sonar system, the total inspec-

Nicknamed ‘The Grasshopper.’ the con- The clarity of both the high-resolution tion package for the Subsea Fenix Falcon cept has made possible a more detailed cameras and advanced sonar has given includes a Tritech Super Seaprince scan- inspection of a reservoir dam in central the inspection team a clear and accurate ning sonar, a high-resolution color video

Italy than could otherwise be achieved. view of the condition of the dam and its camera with 180-degree tilt platform and

Faced with the problem of mounting a operational components. low-light mono camera.

BlueView 3D Sonar system high enough The Falcon helped uncover critical The Falcon’s control architecture above the ROV to gather all-round im- problems such as rock fall damage to the makes it easy to add and change such ages and avoid the vehicle’s chassis ob- rail used to lower the massive out

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