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Meet the AutoNaut

For readers not familiar, describe MOST.

Exhibitions are fertile grounds to discover new technologies, and Ocean Business 2015 MOST (AV) Ltd. is a micro start up based on the

South coast of the United Kingdom. At the waterside of- in Southampton, U.K. last month did not dis- ? ce in Chichester, the team are responsible for the R&D, appoint. Here MTR speaks with Dan Alldis, project management and the build of their product, Au-

Naval Architect at MOST (Autonomous Ves- toNaut. Plymouth is their base for sea trials, deployments and customer demonstrations. Trading since late 2012, the sels) Ltd. regarding his companies new of- team has developed an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) fering to the subsea market.

called AutoNaut. Wave propelled, silent, persistent and cost ef? cient, it is a revolutionary data gathering platform designed for tasks which are inherently dull, dirty, dan-

By Greg Trauthwein gerous and deep (long range). With boats in service with 3.5m AutoNaut on deployment off the South Devon Coast.

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