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Renewable Energy Tech such as dual-LIDAR systems, current sensors, wave sensors

WindSentinel – What is it designed to do?

The WindSentinel Floating LiDAR solution developed by and is also able to install other sensors required by our clients.

AXYS Technologies is a wind resource assessment buoy ca- To support the WindSentinel, AXYS gives clients access to pable of accurately gathering data on wind speed and wind real-time data through our AXYS-APS portal. AXYS works direction offshore at turbine hub-height and across the blade with clients to understand their measurement campaign data span. The data enables developers to understand how strong needs so that we can enable early analysis and quality control the winds are at the heights of wind turbines, provides a clear as soon as data is transmitted.

picture of how much power can be generated at speci? c sites,

Value in the Renewable Energy Sector and helps to validate wind predictions from computer models.

Meteorological and ocean measurements also help scientists Prior to wind farm construction, a series of environmental understand air-sea interactions. The WindSentinel facilitates monitoring campaigns are required to understand local wind cost effective, accurate monitoring of many key parameters resource, bird and ? sh populations and sea states. The cur- required by offshore wind farm developers to determine if rent solution to measuring local wind conditions is to install a their proposed project will pass ? nancial investment decision rather costly meteorological mast (10m Euro) equipped with (FID) and gain the ? nancial support needed from their project anemometers and extrapolate those measurements across the funders. length of the wind farm. To measure sea states, wave buoys

AXYS equips a 6m NOMAD buoy with relevant sensors and weather forecasting models are used. Standards for moni-

The EDPi WindSentinel is equipped with two cameras, one on the bow and one on the stern, that continuously monitor the system and the surrounding environment.

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