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Though the Kongsberg brand is well known, can Put in perspective the importance of the mili- you give a brief overview of your company? tary market to your company in terms of per- centage of sales.

With an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge hy- droacoustic survey equipment including sonar, single- and Sales to military operators and defense research orga- multibeam echo sounders, positioning technology and sophis- nizations have always been an integral part of our business. As ticated underwater vehicles to data analysis tools and subsea the HUGIN product has evolved, more and more of our vehi- cameras, sensors and instruments, Kongsberg Maritime Sub- cles have been adopted by defense operators around the world sea is an established technology provider for the oil & gas for various tasks including Mine Counter Measures (MCM), exploration, scienti? c research and maritime engineering Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) and hydrography. sectors. Kongsberg Maritime Subsea also works closely with Our AUV sales have grown over the last few years. Within this leading research institutes and organizations to create advanc- growth, the defence sector has been relatively steady.

es in the ? elds of hydrography and underwater positioning for

What are your offerings to the defense sectors?

scienti? c and commercial applications. Kongsberg Maritime

Subsea solutions cover all aspects of technology on the sea- bed, in the water, and on a wide variety of vessels involved Within Kongsberg Maritime we have two groups in hydrographic and seismic survey, offshore support applica- that deliver cruising AUVs to defense customers. The HUGIN tions and maritime construction. AUV System from Kongsberg Maritime has been adopted

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