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Underwater Defense

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Iver3 “The defense community is ahead of the com- mercial market with regard to processing real-time high

Autonomous resolution data in-mission and making the vehicle respond

Underwater to it.”


Richard Mills, Kongsberg Maritime

Rapid Data Collection For

Coastal Applications

Mine Hunting with the

Royal Norwegian Navy

Side Scan

RNoN MCM-capability today exists with three Minesweepers and three


Mine hunters. The main MCM-tool on the mine hunters is the HUGIN AUV,

Water Quality specially designed for MCM-operations. The minehunters are ? tted for HUGIN

AUVs, but in addition the Navy has containers designed for HUGIN operations;

Magnetometer which means the containers with HUGIN can be used from vessels of opportu- nity and shipped world-wide.

The concept of the MCM-operations is to send HUGIN into a danger area (keeping the vessel outside this area) searching for mines. This operation is fully autonomous, as this is done covertly. During the mission HUGIN will pro- cess all data and when recovered the operator will have access to data for pos- sible localized, classi? ed and identi? ed mine like objects. Positions of objects of interest will then be transferred to the one-shot system (Mine sniper), which then are sent out to the actual position to destroy the objects.

The RNoN is presently (as many other nations) looking at a future MCM- capability, and a trend we foresee is more autonomy. So one solution could be unmanned surface platforms launching and recovering AUVs. +1 508-678-0550

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