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Bibby’ Hydromap’s Custom-built ROV

By Greg Trauthwein

Self-dubbed a ‘revolution in coastal ROV survey,’ Bibby HydroMap un- veiled its d’ROP system onboard its new survey vessel, Bibby Athena, a the National Oceanographic Center in Southampton, UK. MTR spoke with Andrew McLeay, Managing Director of Bibby HydroMap, for details.

n an industry where innovation areas with strong tides and being able to don’t need and have created a compact is common, Bibby HydroMap’s work through an entire tidal cycle is a but exceptionally stable and powerful d’ROP system truly stood out at an major advantage.” platform focused entirely on deploying

Iactive Ocean Business last month While d’ROP surely does not look survey sensors at the optimum geom- in Southampton. d’ROP is a custom de- like any other vehicle in the

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