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Underwater Defense

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Sir Michael Bibby, MD, Bibby Line Group and Andrew McLeay, MD, Bibby HydroMap on board

Bibby Athena to mark the rebrand of Osiris Projects to Bibby HydroMap.

droMap, and started with a desk top study to look at the poten- altitude in relation to a survey line. Courtesy of its massive tial options to turn the concept into reality. “A partnership was thrusters, it is designed to be able to hold station and remain formed with a small company called HydroBotics which pro- stationary, operate at very slow speed for depth of burial sur- vide ROV engineering consultancy and project management veying or track at up to four knots for acoustic survey. “The services,” said McLeay. “Hydrobotics were then contracted to high power propulsion is to give the platform the ability to manage the build, commission and deliver the system. Bibby maintain position in strong cross tides as well as operate at up

Marine Survey Services own the patent for the concept.” to 4 knots in acoustic survey mode.”

While it has numerous advantages, there is a drawback ac- cording to McLeay: “It has limited excursion ability and oper-

Why d’ROP d’ROP is a dynamic Remotely Operated Survey Platform ates directly beneath the vessel only and is limited in depth that borrows and combines technology and operating princi- capability by the available length of lift umbilical cable.” ples from ROVs, ROTVs and modern dredging systems. Following its unveiling in Southampton, the unit was sched- “The main operational advantages are the ability to main- uled to be deployed on its

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