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Gregory R. Trauthwein

Associate Publisher & Editor

Email: Photo: Kongsberg Maritime

NEW YORK 118 E. 25th St., New York, NY 10010 ust back from Southampton and what proved to be a very busy Ocean Business

Tel: (212) 477-6700; Fax: (212) 254-6271 2015, and I am happy to report that while the persistent low price-per-barrel for

FLORIDA oil has slowed some parts of the industry, it has yet to dampen the innovative spirit 215 NW 3rd St., Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Tel: (561) 732-4368; Fax: (561) 732-6984 that is the very hallmark of the global subsea business. This edition as well as the

Jcoming few will be packed with news and features on innovative new products,

PUBLISHER systems and designs, but without a doubt the proliferation of new subsea and surface ve-

John C. O’Malley hicle technology was a recurring theme in Southampton.

As is the case with any meeting of this magnitude, it affords us the opportunity to sit

Associate Publisher & Editor with individuals and companies for a more intensive discussion on their activities. One

Gregory R. Trauthwein such meeting with Dan Allidis of MOST (Autonomous Vessels) Ltd. led to the feature starting on page 14 on the AutoNaut. While the vehicle is powered by the motion of the

Web Editor

Eric Haun ocean and at a glance similar to other competitors in this niche, the Autonaut has some interesting technological wrinkles that are designed to make it not only more ef? cient, but

Contributing Editors more survivable in the harsh ocean environment.

Capt. Edward Lundquist, USN (Ret.)

Claudio Paschoa, Brazil

If you weren’t in Southampton or were there but didn’t have the chance to jump onboard

William Stoichevski, Norway

Bibby Athena, turn to page 44 for insights on Bibby Hydromap’s new custom built ROV

Production Manager – d’ROP – which has been dubbed a ‘revolution in coastal ROV survey’ by its developers.

Irina Tabakina

Grand claims you may think, and while I cannot personally attest to its performance in the ? eld, the concept, vehicle and mission range is impressive to say the least.

Production & Graphic Design

Nicole Ventimiglia

Kira Coley once again graces our pages, and has in fact has quickly become one of our ‘go to’ regular contributors for compelling features on the technology driving the industry

Sales & Event Coordinator forward, faster. This month she reports on “Ocean Measurements from Space” starting on

Michelle Howard page 32, examining the use of Satellites in monitoring, learning and understanding two-

Manager, Public Relations thirds of the planet.

Mark O’Malley

As always, we welcome your thoughts and insights on new and emerging technologies in the subsea sector, as I and the editorial staff are always on the look-out for ‘what’s next.’

Manager, Information Technology Services

Vladimir Bibik


Kathleen Hickey

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