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Rue Gutenberg - ZI de Kérandré, Hennebont, Morbihan, France 56700 Rue Gutenberg - ZI de Kérandré, Hennebont, Morbihan, France 56700

T: +33 297 36 41 31 / E: / W: www.nke-instrumentation.comT: +33 297 36 41 31 / E: / W:

CEO/President: Jean Claude Le Bleis CEO/President: Jean Claude Le Bleis

No. of Employees: 30 No. of Employees: 30

Annual Sales: $7.4 millionAnnual Sales: $7.4 million nke Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells de Janeiro (Serviços e Equipamentos Ambientais e instruments and systems for water measurements and Oceanogrà? cos) environmental monitoring. Its ? elds of application are ocean, deep sea, coastal, rivers and lakes, and its range Autonomous Data Loggers: of products includes: data loggers, autonomous buoys, • for parameters monitoring (Pressure, Temperature, deep ? oats, sediment sensors and pro? lers. Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity) nke Instrumentation is involved in several research • for environment monitoring (Silting, Heat Flow, projects, both nationally and internationally, and works Atmospheric Corrosion) in partnership with scienti? c institutions such as Ifre- • behaviour analysis of immersed systems (Force, mer and CNRS. Acceleration, Slope, Corrosion)

The French company launched its Brazilian subsid- • ? shing control (? shing time, ship position, immer- iary in July 2013 : nke Instrumentaçao, located in Rio sion time of trawl) 823 Buffalo Run, Missouri City, Texas 77489 823 Buffalo Run, Missouri City, Texas 77489

T: +1-281-240-4000 / E: / W: T: +1-281-240-4000 / E: / W:

CEO/President: Len Benckenstein CEO/President: Len Benckenstein

No. of Employees: 65No. of Employees: 65

Since 1964, Southwest Electronic Each smart module is

Energy (SWE) has been a pioneer in autonomous with its innovative energy solutions serv- own BMS containing ing the speci? c needs of original advanced algorithms for equipment manufacturers. SWE automatic and continuous has changed the game in subsea and safety protection, charge oceanographic applications with control and balancing.

SWE SeaSafe, a lithium-ion battery Additional components solution which powers subsea ve- to support SWE Sea- hicles, control systems and oceano- Safe include the Parallel graphic equipment safer and longer Integrator Isolator (PII) with 4X the energy of a sealed and the SWE SeaSafe lead acid battery. Pressure tolerant Observer Support Soft- to 6000m, SeaSafe batteries include SWE’s patented ware which allows the user to monitor the health of the battery management system, POW-R BMS. The BMS battery in real time. The Woods Hole Oceanographic has the brainpower to assure safe operation, protect the Institution has partnered with SWE in the develop- module’s cells from damage, allow reliable distributed ment of SeaSafe, utilizing it in various Nereid AUV battery system architecture, and prolong battery life. and Hybrid ROVs. SWE’s most recent subsea battery

Rechargeable with a standard power supply, SeaSafe development is pursuing a version of SeaSafe called

Smart modules are easy to use battery building blocks SeaSafe-Direct, a battery module the same as SeaSafe, for customers to integrate in their own oil ? lled pres- except that it could be used directly in the sea water. sure equalization enclosures. Modules can be con- Eliminating the cost, size, and weight of the oil ? lled nected in series or parallel to meet voltage and capacity pressure equalization case would make SeaSafe –Di- (Ah) needs. The SWE SeaSafe pressure equalizing rect even easier to use with higher net energy density. battery case holds four smart battery modules with sys- Development is progressing with signi? cant validation tems con? gured-to-order based on V/Ah requirements. tests in process.

Southwest Electronic Energy Corp.Southwest Electronic Energy Corp. nke Instrumentationnke Instrumentation

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