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LinkQuest Enters Multibeam Market

LinkQuest added a state-of-the-art multibeam echosound- er product into its product family of acoustic instruments.

The EchoSweep 300 multibeam Echosounder is a high-res- olution, highly robust and cost-effective swath bathymetric system for mapping of sea ? oor, inland waterways and res- ervoirs. The EchoSweep 300 system is capable of reaching up to 280 m in range with 140 beams. It operates at 260 KHz and has a swath coverage of 140 degrees. The EchoSweep 300 multibeam echosounder maps the sea ? oor accurately by a sweep of very narrow acoustic beams. 3G HIPAP System from Kongsberg

HiPAP 502 a High Precision Acoustic Positioning Sys- tems from Kongsberg Maritime. The new HiPAP 502 speci- ? cations deliver 100% better angle accuracy, with improved range capability to 5000m. Angle accuracy is essential in

SSBL (or USBL) positioning; the HiPAP 502 has an accu- racy of 0.06 degrees vs the 0.12 degrees of the HiPAP 501.

The third generation HiPAP features a smaller and lighter transceiver unit, which is housed in a stainless steel cabinet and is less temperature sensitive so there is no requirement for extra cooling in warm environments. It also uses new

Low Power Transceiver (LPT) boards with better ? ltering and signal processing providing an extra 5-6 dB more sensi- tivity.

New Multibeam Echosounder from

SeaBat T50-P sonar head

Teledyne RESON and PSP

Teledyne RESON introduces the SeaBat T50-P for faster operational surveys, deliverables and reduced processing time. Teledyne RESON, a provider of hydrographic sonar solutions, announced the launch of the ultra-high resolution, portable multibeam echosounder, the SeaBat T50-P at the recent Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Di- ego.

The SeaBat T50-P is a new addition to the SeaBat T-se- ries, introduced in the beginning of 2013 as a completely new product generation, built from the ground up.

Combined with the Portable Sonar Processor, the SeaBat

T50-P is designed to deliver clean survey data and faster operational surveys and reduced processing time, the man- ufacturer said. The SeaBat T50-P is fully frequency agile from 190 to 420 kHz allowing for improved swath perfor- mance and reduced survey time under dif? cult conditions.

It is designed for fast mobilization on smaller vessels and is optimized for shallow water survey companies, port and harbor authorities, dredging companies and other users looking for an ultra-high resolution system. The Portable

Sonar Processor and sonar head form a compact system, (Images: Teledyne RESON) securing minimal interfacing and low space requirements.

Breakwater data image for Shallow

Survey 2015, Plymouth UK.

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