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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Dan Hook, ASV

Earlier this year MTR met with Dan Hook, Managing Director of ASV, an in- novator in the delivery of next-gen, high-tech autonomous vehicles. Hook dis- cussed how ASV has evolved from a 2-person start-up to a sector leader.

By Greg Trauthwein software and hardware to other boat manufacturers and opera-

For our readers not familiar with ASV, please tors for integration with their vessels.

provide a brief overview of your company.

ASV is a highly motivated team of people designing,

ASV has grown from 2 to 70 employees. What building and operating Autonomous Surface Vehicles and has been the primary driver(s) for this growth?

their control systems. The company has approximately 70 em- ployees with facilities in the UK and US. ASV provides sys- From the very outset of ASV we took the strategic deci- tems to a wide number of users around the world in defense, sion to develop systems for defense, offshore energy, hydro- offshore energy and oceanographic applications. As well as graphic survey and science. This approach was ambitious and providing complete integrated systems including platforms, hard work but has paid off as we have seen all of these mar- payloads and control equipment we also provide our control kets grow in terms of unmanned vehicle application. We have

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