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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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View from the Top delivered good equipment to some high level customers who

What is in the works at ASV that our readers came back for more and this has allowed us to grow the team will look forward to in 2016 and beyond?

in terms of design, production and support staff. The team worked really hard in 2015 to develop and test some new platforms and technical capabilities that will

Thomas Chance, who is well-known in subsea be launched in 2016. We will be launching our C-Worker 5 circles, has had a hand in the development of vehicle at Oceanology International which is a commercial

ASV. Put in perspective his contribution.

grade vehicle designed speci? cally for the Hydrographic Sur- Thomas Chance is our Chairman and very much involved vey market. The 5 meter long vessel can run with a full survey with the business in terms of strategy and ? nancial planning. spread in parallel with a conventional survey vessel for days

The experience that Thomas gained by introducing AUVs to on end offering huge operational ef? ciency bene? ts. We will commercial operations is really helping us to do the same with be offering a lease model for these systems with four vessels

ASVs. in the lease pool in the spring with more to follow. We will

C-Worker 6 (Photo: ASV)

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