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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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March 2016


Volume 59 • Number 2

Mike Smith Photo/Nautilus Minerals Inc.

On the Cover 56 Digging Deep

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has delivered three Sea? oor

Production Tools to Nautilus 42

Minerals, Inc. The story, and

NOAA/IOOS some amazing photos, reside on page 56. 28 Sea? oor Mapping

The evolution of ocean exploration continues with sea? oor mapping with Geodesy.


By Kira Coley 38 Robots & Marine


Underwater robotics grow increasingly important in marine conservation.


By Kira Coley 42 $7B & Counting 38

NOAA released its report which aims to give shape and size to the U.S. Ocean Enterprise, a collective entity estimated to be in excess of $7 billion annually.

By Greg Trauthwein 52 Subsea

Engineering 4D seismic technology is being used for Permanent Reservoir

Monitoring (PRM), which is showing results offshore Brazil.

By Claudio Paschoa

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