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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Unmanned Surface Vehicles

By John Haynes ver the next decade the maritime sector is As the maritime sector is often the last to adopt new tech- likely to see one of the largest changes since nology it is important to identify genuine innovations from sail gave way to steam. Unmanned Surface other transport sectors. The driverless car is being pioneered

Vehicles (USV) are now being considered by some of the largest companies in the world including for various marine roles and the drivers for Google, and small unmanned aircraft are being considered as

Orapid development are signi? cant. a delivery method for global retailers including Amazon. As

Unmanned or autonomous vessels have passed through the these innovations pass through rigorous regulatory approval trial and evaluation stage and are now being adopted for civil- processes there will be wider acceptance from the public ian and military applications. The maritime sector now has the when they are adopted.

opportunity to shape technology developments from legisla- The military has already learned a lot about Unmanned tive and end-user standpoints. Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and the systems required to operate

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