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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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PRM Showing Results

Offshore Brazil

By Claudio Paschoa seismic reservoir monitoring has been reservoirs such as Marlin, 4D seismic technology allows for increasing offshore Brazil and according optimal reservoir management by establishing the most pro- to Petroleum Geo-services (PGS) it has ductive well placement locations, so that this type of reservoir already become routine in the North Sea. can achieve recovery rates of over 50%.


Petrobras and CGGVeritas developed a speci? c work? ow for 4D seismic technology is also being used for Permanent 4D seismic modeling studies, which was de? ned and is be- Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) of reservoirs. A pioneering ing applied to the Marlim ? eld in the Campos Basin since deepwater 4D permanent monitoring project is being devel- 2005. Other Campos Basin oil ? elds such as Roncador, Alba- oped by Petrobras at the post-salt, Jubarte ? eld, in the Parque cora Leste, Barracuda e Caratinga have also been subjected da Baleias (Whale Park) sector of the Campos Basin which to 4D seismic monitoring along the last decade. In turbidite contains both the post-salt and pre-salt reservoirs off the coast

PGS subsea seismic sensors at Jubarte PRM.

(Image: PGS)

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