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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Subsea Engineering (Image: PGS)

FPSO P 57 linked to deepwater PRM at Jubarte Field deployed in parallel lines. Jubarte PRM acquisition geometry sensor array installed on the seabed and an optoelectronics presents a super density of seismic traces with more than 3,8 controlling and recording unit installed on the FPSO P-57. million traces by sq. km of multi-azimuth and multi-com- Online data QC is carried out aboard the FPSO, the seismic ponent data. The seismic survey area comprises 121 square data is then uploaded to PGS’s processing center in Rio de kilometers. The area of cable distribution on the ocean ? oor Janeiro for further processing by a team of PGS and Petro- represents 9 sq. km. The area of interpretable seismic data for bras geophysicists. Following the installation of the system in the main reservoir is approximately 35 sq. km. The ? rst ac- deep waters, Petrobras and PGS began acquiring active seis- quisition was concluded in February 2013 and has been pro- mic data at least once a year using a seismic source vessel cessed by PGS. Passive monitoring of seismic activity of the and passive or micro-seismic data between them. The PGS reservoir was also acquired during a 4-month period before OptoSeis system is totally optics and is based on the Michel- the second acquisition (? rst monitor) scheduled for December son interferometer sensing elements. In addition to ? ber optic 2014. seismic array, the system also contains led-in cables, wet-mate

The Jubarte PRM seismic system uses PGS/Optoseis. The connectors and optoelectronics equipment. system comprises a fully 4C (four-component) ? ber-optic Permanently laid sensor cables are an alternative to other

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