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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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AQUAmodem Op1L

Aquatec Group launched the AQUAmodem Op1L, a new modem Op1L is compatible with any instrument with an lightweight version of its standard optical modem, designed RS232 serial interface, including Aquatec’s AQUAlogger and for use by divers and on small ROVs. The optical modem al- HYDROlog ranges, and can replace ROV mateable connec- lows short range interrogation, commanding and data down- tors or cables, resulting in economical operations and greater load from underwater equipment. The new instrument is three ? exibility. The latest version is also interchangeable with times lighter than the original optical modem, making it ideal Aquatec’s original optical modem, and can reduce expendi- for applications in oceanographic, environmental and coastal ture costs when combined with existing systems. research, as well as offshore energy industries. The AQUA-

Valeport fastCTD Pro? ler

Valeport’s new fastCTD Pro? ler is designed to deliver high quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates. Created for coastal and oceanographic pro? ling, this new pro? ler is an evolu- tion of Valeport’s popular miniCTD instrument. The system incorporates Valeport’s world-class technology to allow the fastCTD Pro? ler to deliver the highest quality pro? les in a lightweight and robust package.

The fastCTD Pro? ler uses a conductivity cell designed for optimum ? ow-through, a high accuracy, fast response therm- istor temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor syn- chronously sampling at up to 32Hz to attain the most accu-

Next-Gen Survey rate measurement data. Completely programmable, no data is logged until the programmed trigger depth is reached by

Navigation & Positioning the device. The Valeport fastCTD Pro? ler is also available The fourth generation of NaviPac, the ? agship of the soft- with an optional integral Fluorometer, from Valeport’s new ware suite from EIVA, will launch at Oceanology Interna-

Hyperion range, and an optional Bluetooth communications tional 2016. NaviPac 4 is the result of a major overhaul of module for easy data analysis or export. Designed to oper- the survey navigation and positioning software developed ate autonomously and powered by a single D-cell battery, by EIVA. The new software generation introduces both new this instrument can also be supplied with a traditional Sub- and improved features, making for an even more effective

Conn connector for standard RS232/RS485 communication. tool as part of the NaviSuite software suite for offshore sur- vey and construction operations. “We have increased our investment in product development, as we believe the best way to support our customers during challenging times in the oil industry is by providing them with solutions that will render their operations more ef? cient both in terms of bud- get and man-hours in play,” said Jeppe Nielsen, CEO, EIVA.

NaviPac 4 brings visualization and processing features from

EIVA NaviModel, the NaviSuite solution for 4D modelling and visualization.

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