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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Deep Ocean Engineering



Iver 3 cArtney Inc. signed an agency and sales team. The expanded cost reductions are representative agreement with dotOcean part of a longer term plan that aims to covering the North American continent. help Polarcus withstand a prolonged dif- dotOcean is a Belgian company special- ? cult market as well as to take advan- izing in sediment and soil measurement tage of opportunities in this volatile en- systems and instrumentation. The prod- vironment, the company explained. As ucts included in this partnership include part of the cost management program the GraviProbe, a, free-fall impact in- implemented at the end of 2014, person- strument analyzing soil layers during nel reductions now total 26 percent. This intrusion; the deep sea GraviProbe, additional reduction of 15 employees which captures high quality geotechni- are all of? ce staff and include executive cal pro? les of mud and soil layers up to management positions to ? t a rede? ned 5500 meter water depths; the DensX, an Polarcus. Cost savings as a result of

Photo: Parks Canada / Thierry Boyer in-situ, direct measurement mud density these recent personnel changes plus ad- method using safe X-ray technology and hardware and software interfaces to fur- ditional other overhead cost reductions an automated winch; and the iCone, a ther studies in various adaptive behavior will total $7 million annually, excluding manual pro? ler that analyses underwa- “autonomy software” architectures. The one-off restructuring costs which will be ter soil layers in small waterways and Iver’s primary system CPU is capable of incurred in Q1 2016.

rivers. outputting vehicle position and trajec- Chief Financial Of? cer, Tom Henrik tory information to a separate payload Sundby and Senior Vice President Hu-

Iver3 AUV Sold to Canada computer. The primary Iver3 CPU in man Resources, Dr. Paul Hanna made

OceanServer Technology received a return accepts input of autonomy deci- the decision to leave the company. Ad- contract for an Iver3-580 EP system sions such as heading, speed and depth ditionally, Peter Zickerman, Executive from Canada Public Works and Govern- following OceanServer’s well docu- Vice President Strategic Investments ment Services for delivery to the De- mented API for remote helm and other and company founder, has moved from fense Research and Development Can- behavior applications. The vehicle will being an employee to a consultant as ada (DRDC). The Iver3 AUV will be be equipped with an INS for very ac- strategic advisor to the company. The used to augment existing autonomous curate navigation along with the Klein Executive Vice President Strategic In- systems and provide a platform to con- 3500 Side Scan and Bathy system for vestments and Senior Vice President tinue R&D development in underwater imaging and mapping the sea? oor. Human Resources executive manage- research at DRDC Atlantic. ment positions are eliminated as a result

OceanServer has sold several systems of these changes.

Polarcus Cuts More Jobs to DRDC with a wide range of sonar, Polarcus announced it will implement Effective March 1, 2016, Hans-Peter software and sensors for research into further measures to cut costs, includ- Burlid will be promoted to the position areas such as mine counter measures. ing additional headcount reductions and of Chief Financial Of? cer. Burlid cur-

DRDC will have access to Iver’s mature changes to the executive management rently serves as Vice President Finance

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