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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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OI 2016

Previews of new technologies and company exhibits planned for

Oceanology International 2016 in London.

decessor while gaining WiFi surveyors. The connectivity and GPS cast AQUAscat 1000LT geo-referencing. Data is observes pro? les automatically downloaded of suspended and processed into desired sediment con- manufacturer formats, centration of up saving valuable time for to 2.5m using the operator. With AML’s multi-frequency new combined conductivity acoustics. Pro? l- and temperature sensor, ing allows sedi-

CT•Xchange, Base•X 2 ment dynamics such as resuspension and converts from an SVP to a entrainment to be explored, which is not

CTD pro? ler with the switch possible with single point measurements. of a single sensor head. The instrument is supplied with the latest user-friendly post-processing software that allows the mean particle size and

AML’s CT•Xchange 3D at Depth concentration to be calculated from the

AML Oceanographic’s 3D at Depth provides industry leading acoustic backscatter output. new CT•Xchange subsea LiDAR laser systems (SL) and

Booth #: J300 provides conductiv- software to deliver repeatable millimetric ity and temperature in measured point clouds and solutions

ASV: C-WORKER 5 ASVs one sensor head. The designed to help clients build, maintain,

ASV completed the construction of four combination allows for map and monitor underwater assets and

C-Worker 5 vehicles. These Autonomous more sensors on all resources. 3D at Depth’s SL platforms

Surface Vehicles (ASVs) will be added

X•Series instruments. combine integrated hardware sensor tech- to ASV’s global lease pool in the second

With CT•Xchange, two- nology with 3D software suite to address quarter of 2016. While the C-Worker 5 port Base•X 2 is a high performance CTD the challenges of subsea 3D measure- can accommodate a variety of client pay- in a compact, cost-effective package, and ment and visualization for offshore oil loads and applications, it was speci? cally

Minos•X is the smallest combined CTD/ and gas, commercial and government designed as a hydrographic survey force

SVP on the market. CT•Xchange also fea- industries. Based in the technology hub of multiplier. The C-Worker 5 is ? ve meters tures an extended range on both param-

Boulder Colorado, the company is focused long and can operate at seven knots for eters: 0 to 90 mS/cm for conductivity and on innovations and best practices to -5 to 45°C for temperature.

enhanced 3D underwater data collection

Booth #: D150 processes.

Booth #: C301

Aquatec AQUAscat 1000LT

It is now even easier to measure sus-

AML’s Base•X 2 pended sediment concentration with the

The latest generation of AML Oceano- new AQUAscat 1000LT acoustic pro? ler. graphic’s Base•X presents the best

The latest addition to the well-established pro? ler technology of today in a compact

AQUAscat range combines cutting edge form. Available in 100m and 500m ver- technology with economic design to give sions, Base•X 2 retains the size of its pre- the best value solution for scientists and

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