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The Next Generation standards supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and participants will receive National SeaPerch Challenge T-shirts

Mathematics (STEM) subjects with a marine engineering- and giveaway bags with items contributed by the SeaPerch based theme. The program promotes hands-on learning of en- program and its corporate sponsors.

gineering and scienti? c concepts, problem solving, teamwork Competition day, Saturday, May 21, will take place at the and critical thinking, and introduces students to potential and LSU Natatorium. Teams may consist of a minimum of one rewarding career opportunities in naval architecture, marine, student and one adult leader, and there is no restriction on the ocean and naval engineering. “With guidance afforded by maximum number of students that can participate although

AUVSIF and with ONR’s commitment to SeaPerch, we have teams averaged six members last year. Susan Nelson will grown exponentially, reaching over 300,000 students to date,” preside over the opening ceremony in the LSU Field House said Susan Nelson, Executive Director of SeaPerch. Over the featuring a number of notable speakers and last minute techni- years, more than 19,000 teachers and mentors have commit- cal instructions for the teams, accompanied by photographers, ted to supporting student learning through this stimulating videographers and local media. Again this year, there will be and fun hands-on activity and to promoting student discovery live streaming of the day’s activities for the bene? t of class- and excitement about STEM subjects leading to a potential mates, friends and parents back home.

future career path. The program reaches a diverse population, The in-pool technical competition consists of two events. so participants in the National Challenge frequently include The ? rst will require students to steer their ROV through the students from inner cities to remote rural areas of the country Obstacle Course consisting of ? ve, 18-inch diameter sub- to Native American reservations in Minnesota to the islands merged hoops oriented in different planes. Every year, the of Hawaii, all of whom have now been introduced to STEM second in-pool event changes, requiring the students to design though SeaPerch. This year, the organizers welcome teams their vehicles speci? cally to meet the designated mission. The from Australia, the Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico. second event for 2016, aptly named, “The Challenge,” will

Beginning on Friday afternoon, May 20, arriving teams will test the students’ ability to release three different sized balls ? rst check into their assigned rooms in the LSU residence from four dispensers on the pool bottom and transport them halls and get settled, then head over to registration in the LSU in a controlled manner either to a submerged container or to

Carl Maddox Field House where they will check in and sub- a ? oating pen on the surface as appropriate. Detailed speci? - mit their ROVs for a compliance review. For those vehicles re- cations for both underwater events have been posted on the quiring adjustments and/or repairs, a triage station with spare SeaPerch website,, for teams to construct parts and tools will be available. Following dinner at the Resi- their own events for practice prior to the national competition.

dent Dining Hall, teams will participate in the Friday Night Again this year the third event will provide a chance for the

Social where students from all over the country and beyond competitors to share their learning, innovations and science can meet, mingle and compare their design enhancements understanding through poster displays and presentations. In- and innovations as well as their challenges along the way. All troduced this year for the ? rst time will be electronic poster

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