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Pferdehirt Aadland James



Innova support vessel Skandi Achiever, while

Pferdehirt New CEO of FMC Hemisphere GNSS Names Guo

The FMC Technologies Board of Di- N-Sea will provide saturation diving re-

Interim President, CEO rectors appointed Douglas J. Pferdehirt sources. N-Sea chief operating of? cer, Hemisphere GNSS, Inc. said that Xin-

President and Chief Executive Of? cer of Roddy James, said, “This cooperation ping Guo has been named interim presi-

FMC Technologies, effective September agreement with DOF Subsea reinforces dent and chief executive of? cer, effec- 1, 2016. Pferdehirt will succeed John N-Sea’s key objective to fully appreciate tive immediately.

T. Gremp, who will continue to serve our clients’ requirements and provide as Chairman of the Board of Directors them with the safe, sound and swift ser-

RoweTech Names RTA while the company completes its transi- vice they have come to expect.”

Mid-Atlantic Agent tion to the new CEO. He started with a Rowe Technologies appointed Ransone

Theobald Joins WFS 26-year career with Schlumberger. Technology Associates (RTA) as an ex-

WFS Technology appointed Mike Theo- clusive agent for distribution in the fol- bald as Project Director for Australia lowing states of the Mid-Atlantic region Aadland Named MD at Innova

Innova AS appointed Alf-Kristian Aad- and SouthEast Asia. Having worked in – Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North land as its new Managing Director. Aad- the subsea industry for over 25 years, and South Carolina, Washington DC, land has been Innova’s Technical Direc- Theobald will bring considerable subsea and GSA contracting.

tor since January 2014, prior to which control systems knowledge and under- he served in leading roles at Oceaneer- standing to the role, as well as an insight

SCRIPPS Procures ROV from ing since 1993. His area of responsibili- into how best to use Seatooth products

Shark Marine ty included offshore operation to depart- and technology. SCRIPPS institution of Oceanogra- ment manager for different development phy acquired a Shark Marine Barra-

Deheer New OceanLED and engineering groups. Aadland’s last cuda ROV. The Barracuda will be used

Marketing Director position in Oceaneering was Manager in conjunction with the Shark Marine for Subsea All Electric department. OceanLED has appointed Jim Deheer to Navigator, procured by the institute a the role of Director of Marketing with couple years back. The Barracuda ROV global responsibility for all of Ocean- can operate at multiple power levels, N-Sea, DOF Offering

LED’s marketing and communication from 2,000 to 6,000 watts, allowing for

Integrated Dive Service

Subsea IMR provider N-Sea and Subsea activities. Deheer has over 20 years of a small or large generator depending on

Projects and engineering provider DOF experience in the marine industry, pre- the thrust required for the job. Barracuda

Subsea have entered into a two-year co- viously working for Navico as Global boasts a constant forward bollard thrust operation agreement to provide an inte- Brand Director and EMEA Marketing of up to 85 pounds, allowing the vehicle grated saturation (SAT) dive service. Director managing a number of high to be deployed from vessels of opportu-

The principles of the agreement are set pro? le brands including B&G, Simrad nity, whether that’s a small RHIB or a out with DOF Subsea providing the dive and Lowrance. full ocean going vessel.

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