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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100

SPLASH (Special Purpose Live-boat ences specializes in the physical mea-

ASL Environmental

And Survey Hull) solution is a state-of- ASL Environmental Sciences taps surement of the world’s oceans, lakes the-art, purpose-built vessel with a twin more than 38 years of experience in and rivers. The company has conducted jet drive and superior diving capabilities oceanographic, acoustic, remote sensing more than 950 government and com- to address and mitigate hazards associat- and ice research products and scienti? c mercially-funded scienti? c and techni- ed with Live-Boating. SPLASH is based cal projects, some valued at over $1.7 consulting services, to provide innova- on a proven, durable catamaran type hull tive solutions and services in the areas million, in environments ranging from and power plant, which produces a rug- of ice studies, metocean measurements, the Arctic to the sub-tropics. This unique ged, lightweight, stable and high speed bio-acoustic backscatter, sediment storehouse of experience is available for vessel. Built speci? cally for the needs of the toughest measurement problems, on transport and numerical modeling.

Live-Boating, SPLASH specializes in Making measurements in the harsh its own or as part of long-standing inter-

Archaeological Surveys and Platform & ocean environment demands skill and disciplinary teaming arrangements.

Pipeline Inspection, Repair, and Main- ASL’s instrumentation group has de- experience. ASL Environmental Sci- tenance. This vessel has a built in dive veloped leading-edge acoustic instru- station, deck decompression chamber, ments for oceanographic and hydro-

Air & Nitrox diving system, jet pump, electric ? ow measurements, and for ice, 5,000 lb. crane, diver hydraulics, diver wave, and water column pro? ling. To hot water, FLIR camera, LRAD, diver date, ASL has designed and built about recovery system, and an 11 ft. recovery 350 individual autonomous echosound- boat. SPLASH also has berthing for 12, ers for the recording of bio-acoustic low freeboard, 360 degree viewing from backscatter and for the measurement of pilot house, long range of 1,000 nautical ice draft (proxy for ice thickness) for miles, and very shallow draft. 6-month to 24-month deployments in

Email: [email protected] some of the planet’s most isolated areas.

Email: [email protected]

Unit 12 Murrills Estate, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Phone: +44(0)23 9238 2573

Email: [email protected]


CEO/President:Dan Hook

Number of Employees: 70

Engeneering Director: Richard Daltry

Chairman: Thomas S. Chance

A leader in the growing market for Autonomous

Surface Vehicle technology, ASV’s combines platform manufacturing and control system development to bring the latest in maritime autonomous technology to market. Its platforms are in operation across the globe.

Having delivered more than 75 autonomous systems security and naval gunnery training. ASV maintains to some 40-plus customers in 10 countries, ASV has an active role in industry working closely alongside established itself in the evolving Autonomous Sur- relevant authorities and maritime institutions to develop

ASV face Vehicle industry. The ASV team holds specialist and promote responsible autonomous operations at sea. expertise and experience in ASV concept design, build

The company played a pivotal role in the publication of and commissioning, operation and maintenance. ASV the U.K. Marine Industries Alliance (MIA) Maritime vehicles and control systems are designed, built, ? tted

Autonomous Systems Code of Conduct published in and tested from the company HQ near Portsmouth,

March 2016. ASV’s technology is ever evolving with

U.K. The company also has a vehicle service center the company’s product line having expanded to meet in Louisiana, U.S. to enable quick mobilization to the growing demand for new applications. ASV’s purpose

Gulf of Mexico. The company undertakes a wide vari- built platforms range from 2m catamarans to 13m ety of projects which see Autonomous Surface Vehicle monohull speed boats. In March 2016 ASV launched a technology utilized in a multitude of industry applica- ? eet of newly produced C-Worker 5 vehicles (pictured tions. These include hydrographic survey, offshore con- above). These 5m ASVs are speci? cally designed to struction, oceanographic survey, mine countermeasures, carry out hydrographic survey work.

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