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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 tions, through to a complete project de-

CLIO Offshore/Odyssey Coda Octopus Products livery and management CLIO deliveries

Established in 1994, Coda Octopus

Marine Exploration range from desktop studies to marine Products Limited has become a global

CLIO Offshore, a division of deep- leader and specialist in underwater ocean exploration company Odyssey asset procurement, mobilizations, off- shore executions and reporting.

technologies as the patent holder for

Marine Exploration (OMEX), is fo-

Email: the world’s ? rst and only real-time 3D cused on providing survey, ROV and re- sonar, the Echoscope, which enables covery solutions for depths up to 6,000 subsea operators to constantly monitor meters. Commercial companies can now operations when poor water visibility contract the team, tools and technolo- prevents the use of traditional cameras. gies utilized by OMEX via container-

The company’s unique sonar and pro- ized packages designed for fast and ef- prietary software, Underwater Survey ? cient mobilization, driving operations

Explorer (USE), provides real-time 3D from conceptual stages to completion.

imaging without the need to post-pro-

Leveraging resources built and tested cess data and is the only system in the over the last 20 years by Odyssey, CLIO world with this capability, enabling both

Offshore offers clients bespoke subsea real-time 3D visualization of the subsea services that deliver cost-effective solu- scene in poor to zero visibility and high tions to meet individual requirements. grade survey of the surrounding area in-

From its suite of individual tools and cluding production of detailed bathym- services to supplement existing opera- etry of the seabed to IHO S-44 Stan- 9 Bayou Dularge Road, Houma, LA 70363

Phone: 9858681950


CEO/President: Chet Morrison

Number of Employees: 500

Vice President: John DeBlieux

Founded in 1983, Chet Morrison Contractors is a pri- vately held company that has steadily grown from an inland marine operation to a multidisciplinary diverse service company. The company provides integrated oil and gas industry services throughout the lifecycle of the well, ranging from marine construction and mainte- nance to P&A and decommissioning.

Chet Morrison Contractors operates four locations with convenient access to Gulf of Mexico: Houma, New

Orleans, Mexico and Trinidad. Its Deepwater Riser Ser- vices Division has an API Spec Q1 Registered Quality

Management System and is certi? ed to provide the high- est standard of inspection and repair services in the in- dustry according to APIQR and OEM speci? cations. It is also certi? ed as a Licensed Inspection & Repair Ser- debris build-up inside drilling and production risers vice Provider for GE Oil & Gas – one of only two such without relying on high-pressure water to remove rust, facilities in Louisiana. The company is also an approved scale and drilling mud buildup. As it moves through the inspection and repair vendor for Cameron as well as an length of the riser and back out again, MUDBUG uses authorized repair facility for Trelleborg. The breadth of only 120-psi air to operate, eliminating the problem of

Chet Morrison Contractors’ resources – from its dynam- water disposal and risk associated with high-pressure

Chet Morrison Contractors ic team of experts, to its company-owned equipment and washing. MUDBUG requires a two- or three-man crew diverse ? eet of vessels – forms a network of innovation and is transported via plane or helicopter to any remote that continues to drive its success. Chet Morrison Con- location. The tool’s small job box, measuring two feet tractors’ newest tool, MUDBUG, is an air-actuated, self- by four feet, takes up very little space, making it suitable propelled device that uses oscillating brushes to clean for rigs or other offshore operations.

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