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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100

Falmouth Scienti? c, Inc

Falmouth Scienti? c, Inc. has a long history of supplying precision instru- ments and services into the marine sci- ence community and oceanographic markets. Throughout the years FSI has been recognized for high quality instru- mentation to measure physical ocean and fresh water parameters. The com- pany is no longer only known for these measurement systems as it has made a place for itself in the marine survey in- dustry with advanced seismic, sub-bot- tom, and side scan sonar systems. These application. The product portfolio also deployed. systems are a result of its strong engi- includes remote software controlled Physical ocean sensors include the neering design knowledge, extensive preampli? ers, junction boxes, cabling, PLUS Family of reliable and rugged ? eld experience, and its rich history in and specialized deployment systems. current, wave and tide instruments. On- marine technology solutions.

Design and installation services are site resources include the acoustic, en-

Falmouth Scienti? c offers sub-bottom available as well. The Bubble Gun has vironmental, and electronic equipment and seismic pro? ing systems and trans- been utilized for harbor expansion sur- required for the design, development, ducers in frequency bands from 10 Hz veys, shallow hazard surveys, pre-con- production and testing of oceanographic up to 23 KHz. The introduction of the struction surveys and many other appli- sensors and underwater acoustic sys-

CHIRPceiver in 2015 has given FSI the cations around the world where larger, tems.

Email: capability to provide end-to-end solu- more cumbersome systems cannot be tions for survey vessels of any size and 11 Klein Drive, Salem, NH 03079

Founded by Marty Klein in 1968, in a kets. The Klein Marine

Phone: (603) 893-6131 small factory in Salem, N.H., Klein Asso- Systems HydroChart

Email: ciates became the world’s ? rst commer- 3500 is a lightweight, cial manufacturer of side scan sonar, and low-cost, wide-swath,

CEO/President: Guy Malden

Number of Employees: 45 since then has gone on to become a leading professional shallow-

Vice President: Frank Cobis supplier of side scan sonar equipment, as water underwater sur- well as waterside security and surveillance vey mapping instrument systems to navies, shipbuilders, secure in- that supports IHO SP-44 stallations, researchers, oil and gas explor- Special Order quality ers and hydrographers. Klein designs and bathymetric survey data manufactures high-resolution side scan and collection, co-registered multi-beam sonar equipment, and radar- with high-resolution side based security and surveillance systems scan imagery for naviga- at its 56,000 sq. ft. facility 30 miles from tional charting, dredging

Boston. The System 5900 Multi-Beam Side and engineering support,

Scan Sonar represents Klein’s advanced habitat characterization multifunction sonar platform and includes and other shallow-water high resolution multi-beam side scan sonar, mapping applications. swath bathymetry sonar, gap ? ller sonar, and The 4900 is a versatile integrated tow body sensor and subsystems. SSS with high-? delity,

The sonar employs advanced signal processing tech- high-de? nition imaging abilities and portability, making niques and superior acoustic design to improve overall it a tool suitable for SAR missions, while its rugged con- along track target resolution. The UUV 3500 was devel- struction, selectable frequencies and 300 m operational

Klein Marine Systems, Inc.

oped as a side scan sonar with the bene? t of an advanced depth rating provide superb capabilities for the coastal bathymetry payload for the AUV, ROV and UUV mar- survey and security communities.

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