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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100

Sea? oor Systems, Inc. SeeByte

Formed in 1999 by veteran U.S. Navy SeeByte provides clients in the mari-

Hydrographer John Tamplin, Sea? oor time, military, and oil and gas sectors

Systems provides a full spectrum of hy- with smart software solutions to en- drographic survey equipment, software, hance the capabilities of underwater personnel, training and support, special- sensors, vehicles and systems. SeeByte izing in the geophysical sector for sur- came to be in 2002 in the Oceans Lab vey companies worldwide. The ? rm de- at Heriot-Watt University, and has since signs and manufactures the HydroLite grown to become a leader in advanced portable hydrographic survey system, software solutions with a global market the HyDrone-ASVand EchoBoat-ASV presence. In October 2013 SeeByte was autonomously and remotely controlled acquired by Battelle Memorial Institute, survey platforms for unmanned hydro- enabling rapid development and deploy-

SEAMOR Marine Ltd graphic survey applications, and main- SEAMOR Marine Ltd., a self-de- ment of solutions for government and tains the largest rental pool of multibeam scribed up-and-coming ROV company, commercial clients around the world.

echosounder equipment in the U.S. is on the cutting edge of observation SeeByte’s SeeTrack software, which

Sea? oor Systems provides custom hy- class vehicles. Now celebrating its 10th enables fast and ef? cient mission- drographic survey solutions, integrating year in business, SEAMOR designs, planning, monitoring and post-mission multibeam echosounder systems and manufactures and distributes subsea analysis, has been chosen by more than state-of-the art positioning and orien- observation and inspection-class ROVs 20 of the world’s navies to optimize tation systems into a complete, turn- and a range of modular accessories and unmanned underwater vehicle opera- key product. Its EchoBoat-ASV is an related devices. tions. SeeByte’s software aims to pro- extremely capable unmanned surface SEAMOR ROVs are designed to vide UMS operators with high quality vehicle designed for larger payload ap- maximize the adaptability, portability, data by generating a single integrated plications such as dual-frequency and reliability and ease of use. The modular, picture of events from multiple sensors multibeam echosounders as well as open-frame layout allows for ease of ac- and platforms. Run through SeeTrack,

ADCP and side scan sonar systems. It cess into the “guts” of the vehicle, which Neptune forms SeeByte’s autonomy en- features a large, dry internal compart- also aids in the integration of equipment gine. Neptune is an adaptive planning ment, dual, water-cooled DC motors, such as the SEAMOR 7 function manip- tool for optimizing the execution of and a multi-purpose, multiple antenna ulator system (7 H-Arm), tooling, navi- AUV operations. It supports high-level mast. The HyDrone-ASV is a multi- gational aids and inspection sensors. goal-based mission descriptions and al- payload, autonomously controlled The Canada based company continues lows the matching of mission require- survey catamaran platform featuring to deliver vehicles to clients around the ments against vehicle capabilities. Nep- portability, improved thrust, and large world, with vehicles in use in every ma- tune also includes behaviors capable of payload capacity. The vehicle can be jor body of water globally. SEAMOR adapting the mission based on changes monitored while under way, in both has recently undergone expansion in in the environment, assets and mission

Auto and Manual modes, while within the European market, and has further its objectives.

Email: line-of-sight range. ties with China, particularly in the hydro

Email: dam and energy sectors. SEAMOR www.sea?

ROVs have been used for some major archaeological discoveries in the past year, including a landmark research trip to Malta to investigate a sunken ship with historical cargo on board. Also, an older model vehicle was used to uncover a sunken Japanese World War II subma- rine off the coast of Nagasaki.


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