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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 pany exports the majority of its produc-

Sensor Technology Ltd.

tion to customers in countries around

Sensor Technology Ltd. manufac- the globe. To date, SensorTech has made tures custom hydrophones, ultrasonic more than a million hydrophones.

and acoustic transducers, as well as the

Sensor Technology Ltd. is constantly piezoelectric ceramics at the heart of expanding its capabilities and improving these devices, offering existing designs its production processes. In the last year as well as fully custom components. the company purchased two new CNC

With machining, assembly and testing machines and made huge improvements facilities all in-house, Sensor Technol- to its methods for producing piezoelec- ogy Ltd. is capable of taking customers tric ceramic hemispheres and spheres. from concept, to prototyping, to full-

The results are improved product con- scale production.

sistency, faster turn-around and increas-

The custom transducers and hydro- ingly smaller sizes. The company is phones produced by SensorTech often now capable of producing piezoelectric serve as a critical component in next hemispheres with frequencies as high as generation systems for applications in- 440 kHz.

cluding mine hunting, sub-bottom imag-

Email: ing, trawl monitoring, ? sh tagging and geophysical exploration. Based in Can-

CEO/President: Niru Somayajula ada, the ISO 9001:2008 registered com- 1329 Moffett Park Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Phone: 408-636-4200


CEO/President: Gary Gysin

Number Of Employees: 106

Engeneering Director: Roger Hine, CTO

Acres: 5

Square Footage: 20,000

Liquid Robotics is a leader in long duration, unmanned ocean robots, with its Wave Gliders deployed across the globe, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, travelling more than 1.1 million nautical miles to collecting some 131 million ocean measurements, operated through 17 hurri- canes – having done all of this using only wave and solar energies; no fuel, no emissions.

A private, venture backed company located in Silicon

Valley, Liquid Robotics was founded in 2007 by Joe is on the surface of the ocean where conditions are the harshest with the sub below where it is calm. It con-

Rizzi and Roger Hine, who invented the company’s sig- verts the up and down motion of the waves into forward nature product: the Wave Glider. Initially created to cap- ture the singing of Humpback Whales and communicate thrust, while solar energy powers the onboard comput- ing, communications, navigation and sensor payloads. the whale songs to shore, Wave Glider’s span of applica-

Liquid Robotics tions has grown to into the defense, maritime security, By removing the dependency on fossil fuels, the Wave

Glider is able to stay at sea for months and up to a year at science, and oil and gas markets.

Designed and manufactured by Liquid Robotics, the a time enabling long duration missions over time spans

Wave Glider is the world’s ? rst wave and solar powered and distances never before possible.

Liquid Robotics works with global partners to create ocean robot, harvesting 100% of its operational power from renewable energies – without fuel, emissions or industry speci? c solutions, including notable partner- personnel. The Wave Glider is composed of the ? oat ships with industry giants Boeing and Leidos for de- and a sub with wings. Connected by 8-m tether, the ? oat fense as well as Schlumberger for oil and gas.

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