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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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said of TechnipFMC, an alliance said company’s new Fishbones MST solu- variable reservoir quality that ranged to address the disparity between $29 tion is “something customers have been from “bricks to tiles”, according to oil and well costs that had overrun the waiting for,” says Fishbones’ CEO Eirik Statoil, a nod to this new ability to tap $100 million mark. At Forsys’s creation, Renli, a former Baker Hughes country low porosity stone’s for hydrocarbons.

Subsea production systems, risers and manger. “When you ship it to the rig, A drive shaft spins ? uid and then tiny ? owlines and installation had become it almost looks like a regular liner,” he turbines at the end of the “ribs” to create 35 percent of an offshore development. says about the company’s Dreamliner sideways stim. The completion method

Topsides to control production and drill- multilateral drilling stimulation tech- simultaneously makes large numbers of ing and well completions had reached nology, or MST. The tech uses diffuse laterals out of one wellbore. Not yet an 60 percent of that number, Forsys lead- pressure and acid to extend a series of option for shale, the system is ideal for ership says. The company says getting nozzle-ended pipes (like the ribs of ? sh tight sandstone or carbonate akin to that in early with its front-end engineering; bones) from the casing along a length found in the North Sea and the Middle staying the course with its condition and understood to be a max of about 10 m. East. performance monitoring (CPM) and Tiny discs prevent early deployment of “We can cover the whole 360 degrees joint R&D are core to its cost-cutting the 18 millimeter rods which “wash” around the reservoir … It’s only limited offering. themselves into the reservoir using by the hydraulics calculations,” Renli 3,000 dpi of pressure. says. At the end of the Fishbones tool,

A Society of Petroleum Engineers an anchor holds things in place to pre-

Fishbones paper at the end of May 2016 reported vent the system’s sideways movement.

Houston small business award win- on Statoil’s ? rst-ever pilot trial of the The anchor is a shoe ? tted with a disc ner Fishbones has found a missing-link MST at the Smoerbukk South multilat- that “bursts open” at the right pressure niche in stimulating wells to produce eral production well, where production with normal drill ? uid.

as much as possible — quickly. Fresh was made possible in tight sandstone by “In two to three hours, you’ve stimu- from OTC Spotlinght honors for the the Fishbones completion, a feat “previ- lated a well,” he says. Time isn’t just drilling solution Dreamliner MST, the ously regarded as not feasible” due to a factor for the operators. Fishbones is

Deceptive: Subsea Design’s humble factory front 30 minutes from Oslo hides a hive of invention that includes pipe connector’s and wellhead support.

Subsea Design

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