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water injection in offshore locations,” “We are heading into a time where de- said Remi Eriksen, Group President velopment is happening so rapidly that and CEO of DNV GL. we are almost getting used to seeing the

The costs for wind powered water impossible happen right in front of our injection have been compared with a eyes,” said Remi Eriksen, Group Presi- conventional alternative where water dent and CEO of DNV GL. “The WIN WIN is injected via a ? ow line from the host project is a new and for some maybe an platform. While the WIN WIN tech- unexpected alliance between renewable nology has higher operational expen- energy and offshore oil and gas.” ditures (OPEX) compared to a con- ventional alternative, the signi? cantly lower capital expenditure (CAPEX) means that it compares favorably over the long term. WIN WIN is therefore a commercially competitive alternative in a range of cases, particularly when host platform capacity is limited or in- jection wells are located far away. The savings will vary widely based on the project and the installation, but the JIP has estimated possible cost savings of approximately 20%.

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