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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 ture data from the world’s oceans. Situated across several locations aircraft, laboratories, and observatories

Already, the NOC has demonstrated throughout northern Germany, the Al- to facilitate ? eld research, including the its world leading position in marine fred Wegener Institute (AWI) has grown Antarctic Research Station “Neumayer- technology through dozens of projects from humble beginnings in the 1980s Station III” and research aircraft Polar 5 and expeditions. This includes the test- with only a handful of people to one with and 6. Combining innovative approach- ing of new technologies for blue mining over a thousand, investigating regions es, outstanding research infrastructure and assessments into the future role of from temperate to the world’s most ex- and years of expertise, the AWI actively autonomous systems for the monitoring treme. Named after the German polar seeks to unravel the complex processes of deep-water and coastal Marine Pro- explorer who discovered the continental of the “Earth System” – from the at- tected Areas (MPAs). A recent $13m in- drift, the AWI has quickly established mosphere to the ocean ? oor – and pro- vestment from the Natural Environment themselves as one of the top research gresses towards meeting the scienti? c

Research Council (NERC) has been giv- institutes in the world and one of the challenges of tomorrow. The Helmholtz en to the NOC to ensure the UK remains very few that are equally active in both Association of German Research Cen- at the forefront of global marine science polar regions. As the Helmholtz Centre tres ranked 2nd in the world and 1st in and technology innovation. The devel- for Polar and Marine Research, the AWI Europe in the 2016 journal Nature Index opment of a new 1500m depth-rated work closely with numerous national for its contributions to Earth & Environ-

Autosub Long Range (ALR1500) and a and international partners and, as such, mental sciences. Germany was ranked 6000m depth-rated autonomous under- is the headquarters for dozens of nation- 3rd top country for its contributions to water vehicle (Autosub6000 Mk2), will al, European and international projects the journal.

support future under-ice and deep-ocean such as the “Polar Prediction Project” science. and the Helmholtz Alliance “Robotic James Cook

ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef

Exploration of extreme Environments.”

Studies, James Cook University

AWI With a focus on long-term observations,

Topic: Tropical Marine Science

The Alfred Wegener Institute the AWI carry the responsibility for col-

No. of employees: ~3,000

Topic: Polar Science lecting and maintaining high-quality

Address: ARC Centre of Excellence for Cor-

No. of employees: circa 1,100 observation data for the global research al Reef Studies

Address: Alfred Wegener Institute,

James Cook University Townsville community, including the long-term

Bremerhaven, Germany

Queensland 4811 Australia

Tel: +49 (0)471 4831-0 measurement of Arctic sea ice thickness.

Tel: 61 7 4781 4000


It also develops, maintains and operates

Email: high-value research infrastructure, in- cluding research vessels, polar stations,


Alfred-Wegener-Institut/Stefan Hendricks

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