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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100

Subsea Global Solutions

Global underwater maintenance and

SubCtech GmbH repair service provider Subsea Global

Solutions LLC provides maintenance and inspection services as well as large

The privately owned SubCtech holds cialized for Offshore Oil & Gas applica- equipment and weld repairs. From in- a 26-years tradition in ocean and subsea tions. water surveys, propeller polishing and technology for industry and science. It The SubCtech team develops and pro- solves customer demands with its own duces optimal solutions in all project in-water hull cleaning, to complex class- approved permanent ship repairs (pro-

R&D, and develops maritime technolo- phases, based on customer speci? ca- gies for industry and science, in the ar- tion and demand. It also has an internal pellers, rudders, thrusters, shell plates, seals), Subsea Global Solutions is a eas of: development department to offer state- “Ocean Monitoring:” Measurement of-the-art solutions. Our solutions for global resource for vessel maintenance systems for vessels and buoys, e.g. high challenging tasks reach new markets. and repair diving services, delivering cost effective, ef? cient solutions in the precision CO2 analyzers. Our expertise networks realize interdis- water as opposed to dry dock The com- “Ocean Power:” Highly ef? cienty, ciplinary solutions for broad markets.

Email: pany also provides underwater marine reliable and safe Li-Ion batteries, spe-

Westhill Business Park, Peregrine Road, Westhill,

Aberdeenshire, AB32 6JL

Tel: +44 (0) 1224 744 111


Managing Director: David Bradley

Engineering Director: Jeff Chambers

Sales Director: Scott McLay

Sales Manager: Mike Broadbent

Tritech has provided reference standard products for subsea operations for over 25 years with products that are tried, tested and relied upon in ROV/ AUV markets.

Tritech has grown its business to re? ect new technolo- gies and expanded territory opportunities, extending the company’s credibility and commitment from very hum- ble entrepreneurial beginnings. aquaculture and cave diving.

Established in 1991, Tritech International Limited, a Tritech offers its Gemini multibeam imaging sonar to

Moog Inc. company, began with the aim of producing monitor and often track mammals and marine objects an innovative range of subsea products for the offshore around marine current turbines and more recently to oil and gas industry, military and other world-wide sub- detect sharks and ultimately protect human life around sea markets. Tritech specializes in high-performance beaches. Tritech’s technology has also been applied in acoustic sensors, sonars, video cameras and mechani- law enforcement and SAR operations where then Gem- cal tooling equipment, serving professional underwater ini, along with Tritech’s shallow-water side scan, has markets, including defense, energy, engineering, survey enabled ease of rescue missions. The common thread in and underwater vehicles. all these working environments is usually low-visibility

Today, Tritech remains an industry leader as a provider and the requirement to detect, track and analyze, often of sensors and tools for ROV/AUV markets, a reputa- in very shallow or very deep water; elements which the

Tritech International tion achieved from over 25 years of delivering expertise Gemini and the latest model (Gemini 720is) can address.

through key industry-standard products such as the Su- Recent investments in new premises in Ulverston, per SeaKing mechanically scanning sonar and now the Cumbria for the design, repair, service and manufac-

Gemini suite of imaging and now pro? ling sonars. From turing of products has provided greater test facilities the company’s imaging ranges (mechanical and multi- including; two test tanks and a new high-pressure test beam), to bathymetric sensors, to hydraulic and mechan- chamber, both critical to ensure equipment reliability in ical equipment, Tritech is able to support many subsea the harsh subsea conditions in which Tritech’s custom- applications from the traditional ROV/ AUV markets to ers operate.

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