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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Systems adds value

SBG Systems

SBG provides MEMS-based inertial to its inertial systems motion sensing solutions. The company by designing speci? c data fusion algorithms provides a wide range of inertial sys- tems from miniature to high accuracy. and calibration tech- niques to enhance

Combined with cutting-edge calibra- sensors’ performance. tion techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems products are The company’s Apo- gee Series is the most geared for aerospace, land, and especial- accurate line of iner- ly marine – surface and subsea – proj- ects such as vessel motion monitoring, tial navigation sys-

ROV and AUV control, hydrography tems based on the ro- bust and cost-effective and buoy positioning.

MEMS technology.

SBG Systems delivers high perfor- mance and cost-effective MEMS-based Apogee sensors are testing and calibration techniques for also the smallest and lightest at this level

Motion Reference Unit (MRU) and In- bias, gain, linearity, misalignments, ertial Navigation Systems (INS) to the of accuracy. It provides a roll and pitch cross-axis, gyro-g over. Every product accurate to 0.008° in real-time and in-

Marine industry, representing approxi- is intensively tested, temperature cali- mately half of the company’s turnover. tegrates the last generation MEMS sen-

Its products are mainly used in offshore, sors and tri-frequency GNSS receiver brated, and shipped with its individual calibration report. The company owns marine, and underwater applications, for centimeter-level position and GNSS- a full calibration lab including shakers including hydrography, USV, AUV and based heading, not sensitive to latitude. and rotary tables with environmental

The INS also deliver a real-time heave

ROV navigation and motion monitoring chambers.

SBG Systems designs, manufactures accurate to 5 cm in real time and 2 cm

Email: [email protected] and calibrates all of its products. SBG with the delayed heave feature.

SBG Systems has developed advanced 151 Martine Street, Fall River, MA 02723

Tel: (508) 678-0550


Email: [email protected]

President: Bob Anderson

Marketing & Sales Manager: Jim Kirk

AUV Product Manager: Daryl Slocum

OceanServer Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer riety of applications. The vehicle comes standard with of man-portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles OceanServer’s VectorMap Mission Planning and Data (AUVs), with more than 250 AUVs deployed world- Presentation tool and common payloads included High wide. The Iver3 AUV is an affordable, COTs vehicle Resolution Side Scan Sonar (SSS), Doppler Velocity used for general survey, subsurface security work, MCM Log (DVL), Acoustic Doppler Current Pro? ler (ADCP), applications and serves as a research platform for a vari- Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) sensor, ety of applications. Bathy Systems, Magnetometers and advanced naviga-

The Iver3 AUV is a rugged, simple to operate AUV tion solutions. Users can choose from one of the Iver3 system that incorporates open software architecture standard systems or the Expandable Payload (EP) model

OceanServer Technology and a well-de? ned hardware interface that enable re- that includes a second CPU and intuitive API for remote searchers and OEMs to quickly adapt the Iver for a va- helm command or sensor development.

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