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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 management solutions, connectors as

Seco Seals, Inc. Shark Marine well as other custom products. Shark

Jim Scott, who was instrumental in the Canada-based Shark Marine Tech-

Marine’s MAKO diver delivery sys- development of the conical seal in the nologies Inc. develops and delivers in- 1950s, founded Seco Seals, Inc. in 1969 novative technologies for commercial tem was recently chosen by the Royal to ? ll the need for conical seals for 37 diving, scienti? c research, survey ? rms, Navy. The recent acquisition of the sys- degree ? ared tube ? ttings. Since then, ? lm production companies, search and tem fully equipped with a Shark Marine the company has become the standard recovery organizations and some of the Navigator diver-held sonar and naviga- for 37 degree ? ared tube ? tting seals for most elite military and law enforcement tion system, provides the user with the ability to conduct underwater investiga- every application, from aerospace and agencies around the world, and has re- tions, reconnaissance and object identi- race cars to petroleum, and continues to cently secured a pair of naval references.

grow and bring innovative new solutions The company supplies video systems, ? cation. The system allows the operator to select the tools needed for the task to ? uid connections. ROVs and accessories, diver held sys-

Now a world leader in specialty man- tems, diver delivery systems, software, at hand. Multi-beam sonar capabilities ufacturing of high pressure tube ? tting sonar systems, magnometers, tether for safer operation in poor visibility; navigation capabilities for mapping and gaskets, including its industry standard tracking the divers progress; video re-

SECO7 product line, Seco Seals is an cording capabilities for inspection and

ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certi? ed identi? cation purposes as well as auton- gasket manufacturer who aims to put omous operation capable of completing an end to leaks in most environments – activities with or without a diver. Hot from subsea to aerospace.

swappable, neutrally buoyant batteries

In its effort to remain on the leading allow the MAKO continuous operation.

edge, Seco Seals has expanded its capa-

The Danish Navy selected Shark’s bilities for “build to print” sealing solu-

Navigator diver-held sonar and naviga- tions for extreme pressure and tempera- tion system. Divers will be able to cover ture applications made of the highest expansive MCM area searches as well quality metal foils.

Email: as shallow water security operations. Email:

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc., an oil? eld products company serving the subsea, drilling, completion, pro- duction and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas industry, has expanded its specialist syntactic foam manufacturing capabilities with the opening of a new plant in Bryan, Texas near Houston.

The new six-acre facility brings Forum’s Syntech product line closer to clients in the oil and gas industry and has the capacity to support future growth. Syntech will share the property with another of Forum’s brands,

Dynacon, to create a production hub with an enhanced engineering capability and streamlined process.


Forum Syntech is one of world’s largest original custom/project speci? c ? otation modules.

Forum Energy Technologies’ products include highly equipment manufacturers in the niche ROV market for engineered capital equipment as well as products that syntactic foam. The product is used to provide buoyancy are consumed in the drilling, well construction, produc- modules for use in ROVs and other submersible equip- tion and transportation of oil and natural gas. Forum is ment. The new plant not only allows the expansion of headquartered in Houston, with manufacturing and dis-

Forum’s ROV ? otation manufacturing capabilities, but tribution facilities around the globe.

also includes the expansion into manufacturing larger

Email: installation buoyancy modules, rigging buoyancy and

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