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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 water, providing solutions for all water vessels from more economical quayside

Allspeeds Ltd environments, including offshore struc- locations, if required. Aquatic has tried tures and pipelines; oceans, estuaries, and tested products and solutions for the rivers and lakes; and marine mammals installation, recovery and replacement and ? sheries. of ? exible products, onshore transpool-

Founded by the current managing ing operations, the handling of ? exibles, director in 1990 as a specialist consul- umbilicals and steel pipes, ? eeting con- tancy in oceanographic instrumentation trol, rapid cutting, straightening steel design, Aquatec has since established pipe and coiled tubing, multiple reel lay a diverse portfolio of products for the and ancillary products to assist in the measurement of oceanographic and pro- spooling, deployment and recovery op- cess parameters, including temperature, erations.

depth, turbidity, suspended sediment, Aquatic can install, replace and re-

Allspeeds have a reputation for manu- motion, orientation, cathodic protection, cover semi-rigid products such as coiled facturing a wide range of quality prod- ucts for the oil and gas, maritime and subsea leaks and marine mammal activ- tubing; mooring lines; power cables; military industries. Allspeeds’ Webtool ity, as well as through and above water production ? owlines; production, gas brand offers a broad range of hydraulic data communication systems. Other lift and injection risers; reelable steel areas of expertise include consultancy, pipe; telecommunication cables; um- cutters for ROVs and maritime and sub- sea emergency disconnection systems. systems integration and real time moni- bilicals; water pipes and wire rope prod- toring systems. ucts. The Aquatic carousel and integrat-

In addition to a range of standard cut-

Email: ed tensioner solution has been designed ters, Webtool is able to provide custom to maximize product capacity, minimize cutting equipment for use at any water vessel days and maintain operational depth. Suitable for cutting wire rope, ef? ciency in demanding marine instal-

Aquatic guide wire, cables, hoses, umbilicals lation projects. The system provides the and ? ber rope, Allspeeds’ cutting tool strength and stability that can withstand design allows for easy positioning of the installation of the heaviest equip- the cutter and is ideal for operation in ment in deepwater. Its capability and con? ned spaces. In addition to blade- ? exibility in all waters is being proven on-anvil cutting, recently Webtool has on projects that demand increasingly developed a new blade-on-blade cutting long subsea tiebacks to processing plat- design that maintains the roundness of forms.

the steel wire rope cross-section makes

Email: it much easier to re-use cut ropes during drilling operations.


Aquatic Engineering & Construction

Aqueos Corporation

Ltd., an Acteon company, is an inde-

Subsea service provider Aqueos Cor- pendent operator of modular equipment poration offers a full range of services

Aquatec Group for the global oil and gas, telecommu-

Aquatec Group creates instruments, nications and energy industries. The that includes marine construction, com- services and solutions for measurement, engineering and construction business mercial diving, remotely operated ve- hicle (ROV), and vessel contracting ser- monitoring and communication under- provides equipment and services to sup- vices. The Aqueos-designed and -built port ? exible product installation, recov- ery, replacement and decommissioning operations. Aquatic’s range of modular, ? exible equipment is available to be transported anywhere in the world and can be dismantled to ? t into standard 40 ft. shipping containers, enabling Aquat- ic kits to be installed on relatively small

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