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T e oil and gas industry is very conservative and new technologies need to be qualif ed following specif c procedures and standards to demonstrate that all risks were mitigated and the reliability is according the specif cations. T e FlatFish is a result of a project of approximately 2 years, having started at the end of 2013.

T e f rst prototype demonstration was performed in June 2014, in the Maritime

Exploration Hall at the German Research Center for Artif cial Intelligence (DFKI) in Bremen. ““

Rosane Zagatti

Subsea Technology Manager at BG Group is being developed to carry out 3D visual inspections in high the Brazilian researches involved in the project. A partnership resolution of subsea pipelines and infrastructure. “Bremen, between SENAI-Cimatec and DFKI resulted in the creation of

Germany based DFKI, our partner in the FlatFish project, had the Brazilian Institute of Robotics (BIR), which has FlatFish as a key role in the development of the AUV. As a global refer- its

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