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training,” said Zagatti. can perform an up-close visual inspection of pipelines and

The prototype is under development by a team of 18 full time structures, a critical skill to visualize and understand anoma- researchers from the robotics lab at SENAI-Cimatec in Salva- lies. High-resolution 3D and precision optics with natural co- dor, Bahia, Brazil. lours allow the operator to see even a very small dent. “The main system of the project comprises a hovering, ob- The FlatFish is being tested in an enclosed environment in servation class AUV capable of ‘living’ subsea for extended Bremen and at sea in Bahia, with the Brazil model being used period of times,” said Zagatti. “It includes data connection to to inspect shipwrecks off the coast.

a docking station for recharging the internal batteries of the “The oil and gas industry is very conservative and new tech- vehicle in between inspection and data transmission to surface. nologies need to be quali

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